The best thing from 2020: Tito Mboweni’s Cooking

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Move over chefs, Tito Mboweni is in the kitchen!

We can say what we want about 2020 – it had a lot of dark moments – but there were some good things too. One example: Tito Mboweni’s cooking which he enthusiastically shared on Twitter.

Let’s just say, the Minister of Finance of South Africa, cashed in one ingredient specifically: garlic.

Now watch me add garlic, now watch me (Nhlanhla) Nene.

Tito Mboweni is also a big fan of tinned Lucky Star pilchards, onions, and peppers.

And instead of Gordon Ramsey roasting him in a game of ‘rate my plate’, Twitter users stirred up a national debate of the minister’s cooking. Some were influenced, and shared their Tito-inspired creations, while others told him to get a wife to cook for him.

He put them straight.

Stirring the pot with Tito Mboweni

But let’s get to the best of his garlic cooking of 2020.

The tribe has spoken.

Haters are gonna hate.

And Tito Mboweni listened by adding “less” garlic.

He is also quite fond of tomatoes.

Really fond of tomatoes.

The ingredients:

The outcome:

He roasted a chicken.

Nando’s roasted back.

The other go-to ingredient is Lucky Star pilchards (and garlic of course). And this time the chillies caught him in a sweat.

Don’t be fooled by the stereotype that men never ask for directions. Minister Mboweni asked for some cooking coordinates.

Here’s to 2021 and more of Tito Mboweni

While many Twitter users ridicule his overuse of garlic and pilchards, Tito Mboweni’s culinary skills are a much-needed diversion during the pandemic. And it doesn’t go unnoticed. He received a personalised chef’s coat from the South African Chef Association, and all we can say is: carry on Chef Tito.

But maybe go easy on the garlic sir for the simple reason of: supply and demand.

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