Primi, serving a dish called: UBUNTU

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What started out as one of the worst weeks for a local Cape Town family, quickly got a positive spin on it, despite circumstances, after a visit to Primi in Camps Bay.

When *James woke up, he couldn’t read nor write. Confused and shocked, a slew of hospital and doctor visits followed over the week to get answers and make sense of the situation.

And then the brain scan results revealed the news: a cancerous brain tumour.

In and out of doctor’s offices, searching for the best solution and the way forward, the family visited Primi in Camps Bay where mid-meal, a conversation between them and the manager ensued about James’ diagnosis. But when the time came to pay the bill, the family got wrapped in the arms of the spirit of ubuntu as the manager tore up the bill right in front of them.

Confused and shocked again (this time for different reasons), they questioned what just happened. The manager revealed to them that after they opened their doors when lockdown regulations allowed it, they wanted to ‘gift’ someone deserving, with a complimentary meal. The conversation and situation, struck a chord with the manager and through one small act of kindness – putting the emphasis on compassion – the generosity left them awestruck, adding a glimmer of hope as they continue to face the battle and uncertain road ahead.

The family commented and said, “This meant so much to us, and it made a bad situation a little bit less heavy.”

*James is a pseudonym, the family wishes to stay anonymous.

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