A goodbye but a NEW hello

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I guess it’s never easy sending your kid off to school, out of the home you created and into the world.

But then, as you wave goodbye and see how they morph, shape, grow, and discover their own thoughts and character it brings peace of mind.

Going Somewhere Slowly started in 2012. If you don’t know the story yet, here it is. A few months before the end of my third year in South Korea, I got an idea in my head to travel by bicycle. My parents, instead of responding with a “no, it is unsafe, you can’t do that alone”, said “do it.” With no idea where what and how long, the name Going Somewhere Slowly came to mind. The first post saw the light of day on a horrible website builder, written from questionable dingy accommodation somewhere in Indonesia while I tried to fit my belongings onto two wheels, and into two panniers.

Time and kilometres ticked by and travel consumed me. If I wasn’t on some road trip, I was planning one. If I didn’t write a travel-related article, I did copywriting for some hotel in Greece.

Along the way, years later, I wondered where all of this is heading.

‘Somewhere’ wasn’t adequate anymore. Just ‘going’ from place to place no longer had the same appeal.

An opportunity peeked its head out to become the co-owner of a digital agency. I wanted in. And with the business came a business partner, Johann M Smith. One with a fearless mind brimming with creativity. And he wanted in on Going Somewhere Slowly.

Now if sending your kid off to school is difficult, sharing that kid, after raising it by your lonesome self for almost a decade, can be even more difficult.

But somehow it wasn’t. Somehow it isn’t. The time was right. The time is right.

For the first time I have someone next to me; a partner in creating, one who can not only help to execute my ideas and words visually but one that comes with a slew of ideas of his own, constantly challenging me.  

With that said, I am now at peace to lay the Going Somewhere Slowly as you knew it to rest, it is no longer a blog but rather a publication. Digital Shelf is no longer an agency, but a boutique publishing house of our own making.

And now with Johann by my side, we share and welcome our newest adventure into the world, Go Somewhere SLOW, but you can sommer call us SLOW.

Travel will still feature on SLOW, but it will take on a different form.  We will go deeper, we will go beyond. You will see different faces, and hear more stories – from people, places and issues happening all around us – written by Anje, directed by Johann.

We’ve got plans. We’ve got ideas. Just stick around and wait.

I can’t end this chapter and start the new one without a few thank yous. What this space is today, and where it is going, wouldn’t have happened without a few people.

My parents. The Going Somewhere Slowly of the last few years will always be a love letter to you two, an appreciation for what you’ve instilled in me from such a young age. Your love and support never go unnoticed, it is tangible, a place of comfort, a place I call home.
My brother. We are as different as day and night but thank you for asking questions, for showing interest.

Thank you to those friends who have supported it from the start and who are still following along.
Martene, you were the third person to know about this in 2012; please kick that coma in the butt, I want to share this with you.
Suzaan, dankie. You will never know how much I appreciate the opportunities you threw my way, my gratitude for the support is bigger than any Boknes dune.
Marion, the way you cheer me on and celebrate every single milestone with me always have me in awe, you are the epitome of women supporting women and I appreciate you.
Ruan, thank you for pushing me so hard to dig up stories and stir the pot, you helped me to find my voice.
Karen, dankie dat jy my yes-vrou is – thank you for always saying yes to road trips, helping with photos and for being so willing. Sorry for nearly driving you off that mountain in Uniondale.
Neil, you are the best soundboard. Thank you.
Bernice thank you for always supporting my dreams, Sandhira – we are worlds apart (figuratively and literally) – but thank you for just being you.

Thank you to the OG peeps from back in the day when this was thing was in its toddler shoes – especially Heather, Iga, Dawn and Di – I learnt a lot from all of you.

Thank you to the individuals who gave me opportunities, there are so many of you but especially thanks to:
Selene, thank you for publishing my weirdness in Traveller24, you really opened a door for me when I was too scared to open it myself.
Nandi, thank you for that very first call back in 2017, entrusting me with a bakkie on a dirt road and giving me a glimpse into the automotive world.
Reuann, thank you for giving me the match that ignited exploring my backyard after years abroad.

And then Johann, this is officially ours now. I’ve made a duplicate of the key, let’s steer into the skid together. Out with the old, in with the new. Thank you for always having my back. En ja, ons werk nog lekker saam.

A last thank you goes out to YOU, the one reading this. Thank you for following the journey. I – no, we – promise the changes will be worth it.

The bird has been kicked out of the nest. Join us as we morph, shape, grow and discover the new SLOW, a new version of what was, a glimpse of what’s to come.

8 years, thousands of words, and all my love,

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