This restaurant has no tipping, no waiters and no kitchen walls

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What do you envision when you think of a restaurant?

A waiter at your table? A chef behind closed doors, in a kitchen for ‘staff only’? A menu that stays the same, year in and year out? An evening of wine, dine and go home okay fine?

The time has come to take all your preconceived restaurant thoughts and chuck it in the bin marked ‘old’.

There is a new kitchen on the block in Cape Town and it is Pilcrow & Cleaver, brainchild of Chef Judi Fourie who has been stirring the pot in the culinary world for over a decade.

And it is anything but ordinary.

Hats off to the chef

On Chef Judi’s arm a pilcrow sign – ¶ – peeks from her chef’s jacket.

Her face lights up as she moves in front of the stove.

Stir, chop, a little bit of this and a pinch of something else.

Then a dance takes place. It is as if everything around her quiets down. She is locked in moment of concentration. Creating. And what you witness is a perfect symbiosis between the chef, the ingredients and her vision.

A tango. A bachata. A salsa.

Sensuous, graceful, passionate.

Then the crescendo hits: a masterpiece bursting with flavour on the plate.

And her face lights up again as she passes on the rhythm – a piece of her own heartbeat, her own dance – on to you.

Bon Appétit!

Pilcrow & Cleaver Cape Town

For Chef Judi cooking is pure passion, a passion that she has been nurturing from a young age and the world nearly missed out on this when she got selected to study medicine.

But when you taste her creations you know she chose wisely when she decided to hang up the scalpel and opt for a chef’s knife instead because another symbiosis exists, and it is the humble synergy between (the) Pilcrow & (the) Cleaver.

Say hello to something new

Pilcrow, is a symbol (¶) used to mark a new paragraph and Cleaver represents food. The food you enjoy every day is a paragraph in your life, and every day there’s a new one.

For Chef Judi Pilcrow & Cleaver isn’t a final destination, it’s a vessel. A constant new start.

Pilcrow & Cleaver Cape Town
Pilcrow & Cleaver Cape Town

This new restaurant – in the heart of Cape Town’s CBD – invites you to not only taste its food, but also to experience it with the chef.

There are no waiters. There are no compliments that need to be passed on to the chef. You can talk to the chef directly as they whip up some magic right in front of your eyes. There is no tipping, everyone from back to the front of house are paid appropriately. There is no hush-hush behind closed kitchen doors, in fact this kitchen has no doors. And it is all part of your culinary journey. As is the library of cookbooks where you can browse, purchase and stir up the chef within from the collection of unique books that you won’t find at your run-of-the-mill bookstores. And the retail shelf is stocked with delicacies like homemade marmalades, pickles, branded aprons and more.

Pilcrow & Cleaver Cape Town

Pilcrow & Cleaver is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner with small plates, mains and desserts. You can expect bold modern Euro-flavours with a South African flair. There is kaiings, but kaiings that graduated cum laude from a culinary university, giving you a taste of childhood memories. There is the gooey soft chocolate chip cookie with milk jam – yes, milk jam – that tastes like home. There is calamari steak served on top of soy spätzle noodles. And there is much more.

But what you see today, you might not taste tomorrow. The menu changes every week. And that’s the exciting part, the constant new start. That there are always new flavours to explore.


Fierce with taste.

Excitingly bold.


Are you ready to experience it all and more? Are you ready to take your taste buds on a culinary voyage? Are you ready for the next paragraph?

Visit Pilcrow & Cleaver

Situated in Parliament Street, Pilcrow & Clever is set to open their doors to the public in December, they’ll be serving their deliciousness daily.

Keep an eye on their social media pages for some food inspiration and to stay up to date with what’s brewing in the kitchen, new menus, promotions and more.

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