An earthquake in Durban?

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Earthquakes are no joking matter. Neither are tremors. But when an earth tremor that registered a preliminary 3.7 on the local magnitude scale (recorded by the South African Seismograph Network) was felt in Durban, it shook the masala from the bunny chow on the South Coast.

No injuries, deaths or damages were reported.

But there were some tweets.

Ouch. That had to hurt.

That’s the spirit! Go Bokke!

Get a room, guys!

There’s always that one person jumping on a hashtag to get more sales.


Today all South Africans learnt about the difference between a tremor and an earthquake.

Let’s just believe this for the sake of believing.

Come on Joburg, let Durban have this one!

Is this a case of “Protect me from yourself”?

Welkom got experience. Don’t mess with Welkom.


On a more serious note, the Philippines was rocked by a third strong earthquake this month, the latest being a 6.5-magnitude quake and unfortunately five people have not survived and there are several injured with towns and villages left devastated. 

South Africa’s Council of Geoscience has confrimed that there is no link between the earthquake that happened in the Phillipines and the tremor that was felt in Durban.