COMPETITION: Can you guess the name of this new Triple Three Gin?

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Triple Three Estate Distillery is well-known for their gin. They’ve won awards, have been on the lips of gin aficionados for years and also made it onto a ’50 Gins to try before you turn 50’-list by Ginsanity.

Inspired by the heritage of devoted craftsmanship, Triple Three Gin distil three different craft gins with perfectly balanced and clear flavours, driven by the passion of master distiller, Rolf Zeitvogel.

The Just Juniper Berry Gin is the captain of smooth with assertive juniper notes. African Botanicals beats to the continent’s rhythm of seven botanicals. And Citrus Infusion speak in zesty tongues of fresh and crisp.

Triple Three Distillery

One, two, Triple Three is adding another note

Just Juniper Berry, African Botanicals and Citrus Infusion is going to share the Triple Three Estate Distillery gin stage with a new limited edition gin.

As a third-generation distiller, German-born Zeitvogel believes that you need to have a holistic approach to flavours and says, “A passion for natural flavours and the curiosity to be explorative helps because it’s all about the base ingredients.”

And with exploration comes new discovery.

Triple Three Estate Distillery’s new gin has an inviting nose with juicy fruit and crisp aromas. According to Rolf you can taste the fruits’ own colour. Solve this riddle and see if you can guess what the limited edition gin is all about.

Riddle: I’m sweet, have a fruity taste and my cheeks turn red with deliciousness.

Triple Three Distillery Gin
Triple Three Distillery Gin
Triple Three 3

WIN tickets to the Gin High Tea at Ginja featuring Triple Three

Every month there is a Gin High Tea at the V & A Waterfront restaurant, Ginja, and their October gin of the month is none other than Triple Three Gin.

For more information about the Gin High Tea at Ginja, click here.

Here comes the good stuff.

Do you want to win two tickets to the Gin High Tea, taking place on the 5th of October 2019?

Simply guess the name of the limited edition gin of Triple Three Estate Distillery by solving this riddle:

I’m sweet, with a fruity taste and my cheeks turn red with deliciousness.

Here’s a hint: The name consists of two words.

You can either comment on the Facebook post (click here), or comment below.

Winner will be announced on Thursday 3 October at 10:00, so enter now.

Please note, the prize is not redeemable for cash and the date for the Gin High Tea prize at Ginja is fixed; make sure you will be in Cape Town on 5 October 2019 (15:00 to 18:00) to attend the high tea.

Get your hands on Triple Three’s Limited Edition Gin

The new *Secret Name Triple Three Gin will only hit the shelves in a few months.

Now, here’s something that will excite the socks off your feet and the gin out of your tonic!

Do you want to take the limited edition never-seen-before bottle home with you?

Thanks to Triple Three Estate Distillery and Fitch & Leedes, there will be an additional competition taking place on the day of the Gin High Tea at Ginja.

And you stand a chance to get your hands on it long before the rest of South Africa does!

Secure your Gin High Tea seat (get tickets here), enter the second competition on the day and stand a chance to win 1 bottle of *Secret Name Triple Three Gin as well as a case of Fitch & Leedes.

Don’t forget to follow Going Somewhere Slowly on Instagram for more competitions and if you want to stay up to date with the latest gin-related offerings, go follow Ginja, Triple Three Distillery and Fitch & Leedes.

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