99 countries for South Africans and a visa problem ain’t one

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Lengthy visa applications can be a real schlep; especially for those not living close to a consulate for appointments. You have to take time out to travel to Cape Town or Pretoria, the documentation can be a real nightmare and then – regardless of whether you are living in the city or not – the waiting period due to backlogs is a real royal pain stuck between the pages of your passport. Then of course there is also the hefty visa fee you have to fork out for some countries, and after the whole rigmarole of applying another daunting reality is the fact that a visa might not be granted in your favour (the UK, USA and Schengen area issue the most refusals according to research done by Travelstart.co.za).

Headache. Pain. Eina. Tsek.

If the reason you are travelling is for pure pleasure and good times – vacation – you’ll find peace of mind in the fact that South Africans can now visit 99 countries visa-free or with a visa-on-arrival. And what is more relaxing than standing in the immigration queue knowing that your in-and-out will be an easy process of stamp, stamp, wam bam, thank you mam?

99 Visa-free countries South Africans can visit

Save yourself the headache and go frolic on white-sand beaches, discover ancient ruins, explore the world’s largest tropical rain forest, safari until you’re blue in the face and indulge in local dishes in one, two or more of these 99 visa-free countries South African passport holders can visit.

* Indicates eTA or visa on arrival


Angola | Benin* | Botswana | Cape Verde Islands* | Comores Islands* | Ethiopia* | Gabon* | Ghana* Guinea-Bissau* | Kenya | Lesotho | Madagascar * | Malawi | Mauritania* | Mauritius | Mozambique | Namibia | Reunion | Rwanda* | Senegal | Seychelles* | Somalia* | St. Helena* | Swaziland | Tanzania | Togo* | Tunisia | Uganda* | Zambia* | Zimbabwe


Cambodia* | Hong Kong | Indonesia | Kyrgyzstan* | Laos* | Macao | Malaysia | Maldives* | Nepal* | Philippines | Singapore | South Korea | Sri Lanka | Tajikistan* | Thailand | Timor-Leste*


Ireland | Kosovo | Russian Federation


Cook Islands | Fiji | Marshall Islands | Micronesia | Niue | Palau Islands* | Samoa* | Tuvalu* | Vanuatu


Antigua and Barbuda | Bahamas | Barbados | British Virgin Islands | Cayman Islands | Dominica | Dominican Republic | Grenada | Haiti | Jamaica | Montserrat | St. Kitts and Nevis | St. Lucia | St. Vincent and the Grenadines | Trinidad and Tobago | Turks and Caicos


Argentina | Belize | Bolivia* | Brazil | Chile | Costa Rica | Ecuador | El Salvador | Falkland Islands | Guatemala | Guyana | Guyana | Honduras | Nicaragua | Panama | Paraguay | Peru | Uruguay | Venezuela

Middle East/Other

Armenia* | Georgia | Iran* | Israel | Jordan* | Palestinian Territory | Qatar

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