Make your wild African dream a reality with Saayman 4×4 Rental

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In South Africa there are 459 957 km of gravel road and 131 919 km of unproclaimed gravel road.

It is impressive to say the least.

But how many of these roads have you explored? And what is stopping you from getting down and dirty, venturing down the path less travelled, feeding that burning desire to be wild and free, being wide-eyed awestruck by the beauty of landscapes that beckon you to utter a ‘wow’ upon a ‘wow’?

Is it the lack of a 4×4? Perhaps you need help and suggestions sifting through the thousands of kilometres to find your escape, or maybe just a tour guide who can accompany you on the journey.

Venture off-road and beyond the borders of familiarity with Saayman 4×4 Rental

Saayman Car and Bakkie Hire, located in Strand, started in 2005 and opened their 4×4 rental division 8 years ago; their current offering of either a Toyota Hilux 2.4D GD-6 D/Cab 4×4 (automatic or manual) or a Toyota Land Cruiser 79 4.2D D/Cab 4×4 – two highly favoured vehicles with a proven track record of bundu bashing success in the Southern African off-roading landscape – lends the opportunity and accessibility to all to get out and about and turn your wildest African dreams into a reality.

The 5-seater rental vehicles are equipped with camping equipment – from comfortable bedding to all the necessary kitchen and braai goodies – and rooftop tents but additional rental items include, ground tents, gazebos, GPS, jerry cans and sleeping bags. And just in case you’re wondering what to do when you have to let air out of your tyres when you get ready for some sand driving, you are sorted. Vehicles are armed with a tyre gauge deflator, compressor, tools and recovery equipment such as a tow strap, tyre repair kit and spade to name a few.

Renters – especially if this is your first time taking a 4×4 for a wild spin – can have peace of mind setting up tents because upon collection at their offices in Strand, Cape Town, you will be showed the ropes; questions about the vehicle will be answered, tools will be explained and by the time you set off on your journey you will know exactly how to operate the fridge to ensure ice cold beers await at your destination. You can be picked up from the airport, your hotel or B&B to sign, seal and deliver the deal while at the same time have the flexibility to drop the vehicle off in another city if your trip ends elsewhere (additional charges apply).

Saayman 4x4 Rental

And if you don’t know where to go, where to stay and what to do, assistance is available they’ll put you in contact with someone who can help you from start to finish; there’s also a tour guide available if you want to have some insight information with you along the way.

“Make sure you know where you are going and know the route but don’t travel at night if you’re not familiar with the surroundings and way you are going” is the advice of the staff of Saayman Car and Bakkie Hire, for those who want to dip their feet into the never-ending pool of off-road experiences. With a soft spot and appreciation for local travel this avid explorer can’t stay away from the red dunes, Kalahari lions and herds of game of Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park.

Do you have a wild African dream? Get into the driver’s seat and contact Saayman Car and Bakkie Hire and discover South Africa – and the rest of Africa – in your own unique way. Unlimited mileage applies for all 4×4 vehicles giving you the chance to really explore; and if you have an International Driver License you can go beyond the borders of familiarity.

Saayman 4x4 Rental

Get in contact with Saayman 4×4 Rental

Visit their website for more information.

You can also send an e-mail to or contact them at 021 100 3064.

Disclaimer: This piece was sponsored by Saayman Car and Bakkie Hire.

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