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This week: Apiarista.

Join me on this caffeine journey where I will share some of my favourite coffee shops and coffee spots in Port Elizabeth (and sometimes elsewhere) because let’s be honest, everything gets better with coffee.

Take a Coffee Break in Port Elizabeth at Apiarista

On the outskirts of Port Elizabeth, just before you get too comfortable on the N2, the Bay’s countryside steers you into serenity at Apiarista, a working farm known for all that is sweet, buzzing and then some more.

The heart of Apiarista and its origin can be traced back to over a decade ago. It started with one hive, one beekeeper and one unbreakable spirit to work with nature’s hardest workers and its golden, sweet and sticky wonder but today – many hives later – the farm and cofee shop is run by husband and wife team, Xander and Janice Rautenbach and honey, coffee, tasty homemade treats, educational tours, warm fires and the chance to forget about the beep of your phone and tune into the sounds and silence of nature are just a fraction of what is on offer at Apiarista.

Apiarista Port Elizabeth Honey Coffee

But it is not just another ordinary coffee shop; there is a whole lot of heart here.

Apiarista is a wi-fi free zone and focused on people. You won’t get a milkshake here or a gourmet dish but their offering of coffee and tea is for EVERYONE, when you order your coffee or tea you decide how much you want to pay for your drink. Their door (and heart) is open to each and every person.

While the coffee hits the right spot for caffeine lovers, and the affordable treats on offer (starting from R5) make you want to ask for a doggy bag to enjoy some later at home, there is something about the unpretentious ambiance of Apiarista that calms your soul, soothes your spirit and rejuvenates your mind. You forget about time and place, work worries fade away and in the distance the call of a Knysna turaco reminds you that you are not in the city.

You come for the coffee, but you stay for atmosphere.

Apiarista 2
Apiarista 1

And the honey is just as unpretentious; a jar of 500g honey is JUST R45, breaking down the belief that a raw and organic product should cost you an arm and a leg. They also sell honey on tap (and beeswax if you need any for candle-and-craft projects).

It is here at Apiarista where you can get an authentic bee farm experience in more ways than what you could’ve ever imagined; the educational farmyard environment is not only an invitation to grab a coffee and come with your own picnic basket but it also offers tours that will leave you with a better understanding of the fascinating life of bees.

The Hive to Honey Tasting is R125 per person, it takes about an hour and will not only leave you sweet but you will also take a jar of raw, organic honey home with you. Tours take place Monday to Friday, between 09:00 and 14:00. This tour can be offered to individuals (no booking required) and groups of up to 20 people (booking required).

There is also the more in-depth ‘Hands-on Honey Tour’ which invites you to experience the honey bees up close as you gear up, team up and go out to the hives to harvest your own honey to take home with you. Tour cost is R350 per person, and groups should be between 4 and 6 people (half price for the 5th and 6th person).  If you are interested in this tour, keep in mind that you need to book in advance.

There are also educational tours available for school groups.

Find all the tour information, here.

Bee Tour in Port Elizabeth

Of course that is not all.

There are herbs and seasonal veggies on offer (straight from the on-site garden) as well as seasonal events that often include informative talks or tractor rides for the kids. On the 3rd of August there is a Beekeeping Course for the curious and novice beekeepers (click here for details); the shop also stocks beekeeping equipment such as protective clothing, assembled hives and professional tools if you are on the buzzing path of producing your own honey.

There is a whole lot of heart…

Coffee Time at Apiarista

Anyone for a cup of lekker coffee? Escape the city, come switch off on the farm and visit us for freshly grounded, freshly brewed coffee (and honey,…

Want to visit? Apiarista Details

Coffee-meter: A big, humble cup of good, strong coffee.

Address: 4 Murray Park, Draaifontein Road (here’s a Google Maps link).

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday, 09:00 to 15:00 and Saturday, 08:00 to 12:00 (closed during shutdown period and on public holidays).

Keep in mind that they only accept cards, NO CASH.

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