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This week: Hello. It’s me, Port Elizabeth.

Join me on this caffeine journey where I will share some of my favourite coffee shops and coffee spots in Port Elizabeth (and sometimes elsewhere) because let’s be honest, everything gets better with coffee.

Hello. It's me Port Elizabeth Walmer

Take a Coffee Break in Port Elizabeth at Hello! It’s Me.

Sometime last year, May-ish if I’m not mistaken, the 1054 building opened in Walmer Main Road with its container look-alike features, resembling a design that’s a long distant cousin of Melville’s 27 Boxes in Johannesburg, with a daily Gauteng grind energy and a hint of a Cape Town style that borders on hipster and a tannie living in Sea Point in a home straight from a glossy magazine with sandalwood incense smouldering atop an ancient wooden apothecary cabinet while her poke bowl gets delivered via Uber Eats.

And while the design, interior styles and occupiers of 1054 might have more modern metropolitan feel to it than what we are used to have in our humble lil’ city, it is still PE and as soon as you step into the building you step into the future of possibility for Port Elizabeth.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s a place and time for the Bay’s old treasures when it comes to buildings, restaurants, shops and cafes, but this modern space – with its restaurant, interior design stores, pilates studio and architecture firm and engineering company – is like a welcoming breath of fresh air.

And Hello. It’s Me, the restaurant at the 1054 centre, packs a healthy punch of fresh air.

They say, “We do contemporary fusion food in a beautifully curated space. Our bar offers ‘Farmacy’ smoothies as well as boozy options; with craft beer and cider from Bridge Street Micro Brewery.

The menu is unlike any other menu you’ve seen in Port Elizabeth, it’s evident that every dish was meticulously put together to enhance and complement each and every flavour; healthy and mouth-watering at the same time. There is a wide range of smoothies – 12 to be exact (between R30 and R40) – and breakfast options (between R32 and R89) will satisfy the meat-eater, vegan (there is a chickpea scramble), vegetarian, banter and those with a lactose intolerance.

And hello, they are also open in the evenings until 21:00; dishes start at R24 for a Wok Salad, and goes up to R140 for Kingklip or a 200G fillet steak with creamy mushroom and brandy sauce. There are also toasties and open sandwiches (R39 to R66), zoodles/soba noodles (R78 to R86), salads (R68 to R84), gnocchi (R70 to R98), burgers and flatbreads (the Up Beet one with beetroot, butternut, avo, pumpkin seeds and rooibos balsamic reduction is only R60 and DAMN good).

There is bar seating at the back of the restaurant (a bit more quiet than front) with plug sockets if you want to pound away on your laptop and work from a different kind of office, and you can also sit outside.

If you are a vegan or vegetarian, or have someone in the family who does not eat meat and you always wonder which restaurant to choose so that everyone can get a slice of satisfaction, Hello. It’s Me is your answer.

Want to visit? Hello. It’s Me Details

Coffee-meter: Hello, hell(o) YES.

Address: 1054 Main Road, Port Elizabeth.

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday, 07:00 to 21:00, Saturday 08:00 to 21:00 and Sunday, 09:00 to 15:00.

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