Why you should visit the Locally Yours Market in Port Elizabeth

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What makes Port Elizabeth’s Locally Yours Market stand out from other markets – whether in the Bay, the Eastern Cape or South Africa – is that when they say it is a “Locally Yours Market” they mean it.

The market is locally ours, locally mine, Locally Yours with products, produce, arts, crafts and treats directly from local entrepreneurs from Nelson Mandela Bay (and the Eastern Cape); it has something different than your average market finds and it has a whole lot of heart, a whole lot of soul.

Locally Yours Market is a platform showcasing local fresh ideas and unique voices; you stumble upon humble hearts overflowing with passion, and whether you stand still at the industrial looking lamps of Steam Lighting, look at the variety of fudges and muesli or the beautifully hand painted ceramics of Droom Koffer (by Sanet Loxton) and envision having a piece of it in your home, you encounter true talent.

Director of Locally Yours Market, Annelize Botha said, “Our love and dedication for the city as well as the development of all entrepreneur’s shines through during local markets days when you the venue is abuzz with creatives sharing their artisan products and passion with market goers.”

Locally Yours Market
Locally Yours Market Mustard
Locally Yours Market
Locally Yours Market MadzMade

There’s something beautiful about the entrepreneurial spirit, about those who have an idea, pour their heart and soul into it, share it with the world and run WILD with it. There is something beautiful about individuals who say “screw that, I’m doing this”. There is something beautiful about seeing dreams come true, about dreams getting wings and leaving the nest of “maybe one day” and flying into today, soaring into tomorrow. 

Locally Yours Market
Locally Yours Market

Supporting local goes much deeper than just a purchase or growing the local economy, supporting local means buying into someone’s creativity and kicking dust in their fear of failure, it means believing in someone’s talent and being the reason why an entrepreneur can say, “yes, I can do this.”

When you buy something made by a person, there is something special there. And you do feel it. The consciousness with which the thing is made is often more important than the thing itself.
~J. Donald Walters

Locally Yours Market
Locally Yours Market
Locally Yours Market

10 Quick Reasons Why You Should Support the Locally Yours Market

#1 – You will be supporting local and purchase local products.
#2 – One of a kind and unique is what it is all about.
#3 – There is no entrance fee, instead you can give a donation to the Animal Anti-Cruelty League.
#4 – Whether you are looking for a birthday, anniversary or a Mother’s Day gift (12 May 2019), you will find something.
#5 – There is coffee from Munro’s at only R15.
#6 – The market is not just about food but has a great balance between treats (for you and your pets) , meals to eat there, food, fresh produce and condiments to take home with you and art, crafts, clothing and home décor. Plus, you won’t find the exact same vendors at every market, so you’re always in for a surprise and something new.
#7 – There is live entertainment that compliments the market’s relaxed atmosphere.
#8 – You can attend an art class (during the March Locally Yours Market people painted with coffee!).
#9 – Products are affordable (where else can you buy muesli for R30 a kilogram or art starting around R200?)
#10 – There is ample and free parking.

My Locally Yours Market finds from March

Usually you won’t find me at a festival or at a market (too many people), and if I do go I make sure I get in early and leave before the crowds descend onto the space, however, even though I got in early, I left the market much later than anticipated with a bag heavier than what I thought I would but a happy heart knowing I supported local and a happy wallet because the prices were incredibly affordable.

I bought a grocery bag from Screen Print SA with the words, “Groceries & Shit” on it, got some vegan fudge, coffee-flavoured muesli from Hello Nutristart, bath bombs as a gift for a friend from Bash Soap Co., and some wall art (made from wood) with the word “dream” on it from Hand Art Factory.

And I have my eye on those hand painted ceramics from Droom Koffer when I visit nex time…

Locally Yours Market
Locally Yours Market

Locally Yours Market Details

If you haven’t visited the Locally Yours Market in Port Elizabeth yet make sure you get yourself to the Tramways Building (16 Lower Valley Road) on the first Saturday of the month.

Here are the dates for the markets in 2019:
6 April 2019
4 May 2019
1 June 2019
6 July 2019
3 August 2019
7 September 2019
5 October 2019
15 to 17 December 2019

Entrance to the market is free and the majority of the stalls accepts credit and debit cards (it won’t hurt to have a bit of cash on you just in case).

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Locally Yours Market but all opinions are my own and all purchases were made at my own costs because pretty, because affordable, because yum.

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