My Mind Wanders

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A day in the life of my mind when it wanders…

04h00: First morning alarm goes off; loud enough to wake up the whole neighbourhood. My fingers stumble to find some sort of button. My mind wanders; today is an early morning start, there is work that needs to be done, hopefully new opportunities on the horizon, admin that needs to be sorted out, a cat on the bed, next to my leg, oh cat, oh warm bed, oh snoring glory, oh tropical islands and rainforests, oh you beautiful snooze button.

04h02: Second alarm. I really don’t trust myself. Snooze.

04h05: Third alarm. The button is my best friend. Snooze.

04h08: Fourth alarm. I really suck at this.

04h15: Fifth (or sixth) alarm. The sound is pounding in my ear; the cat stretches her legs with a yawn and the realisation of leaving the comforts of sleep behind sets in.

04h17: Alarm again. Fine I’ll get up. Cat continues to sleep.

04h20: Stumble into the kitchen, coffee is a priority.

04h21: I reach for the goods. The smell of Mandheling makes me weak in the knees. It’s from Sumatra, straight from the source; a kind fellow travel and coffee obsessed friend sent it to me.

04h22: I wonder how expensive flights are to Sumatra? It will probably be best to fly into Jakarta and then get a boat? Ja, I’ll google soon.

04h24: Meow. Cat wants food.

04h25: Coffee. Computer switched on. Coffee done.

04h26: Open e-mails, open all the social medias and float away on a bubble of filter-heavy photos with Serengeti shots here and Japanese snow monkeys enjoying a steaming hot spring, there. Scroll, scroll, Machu Picchu views, scroll, scroll Wild Coast’s iconic hole, scroll, scroll until a Jaguar South Africa ad pops up. Focus.

04h45: Focus. Work. With a click-click here and a click-click there.

06h00: Thought: Cuba. Vintage cars. Old architecture.

06h01: Google: Cheap flights to Cuba.

06h02: Realisation: Too expensive.

06h03: Thought: What can I sell?

06:04: Focus. Work.

09h18: E-mail notification from Deals in Cuba – come take a look!
Screw you Google, screw you Booking dot spy.

09h20: Focus. Work. Tired. Coffee?

09h45: Coffee. I completely forgot to check out the flights to Indonesia. Put your best foot forward Skyscanner, show me what you got!
Loading. Loading. Loading.
The only thing packing their bags and going on vacation today is my internet. Or perhaps it is my laptop. I should really get it sorted. Make a note. Nah. Maybe later.
Mmm okay, Skyscanner, now we’re talking. This is not too bad, if I just…
Oh shoot. I forgot about a deadline.

10h00: Put phone behind couch cushion. Focus (this time I mean it).

10h02: India!


11h04: Hungry. Work.

11h44: Make oats.

11h59: Oats, oats, oats, Oudtshoorn…

12h01: Grab a bite, type a few words, grab a bite, type a few words. Repeat until done.

13h45: Dig out phone. Scroll, scroll, ohhh look, a photo of the Karoo. It has really been too long since my toes touched the semi-arid soil, it is time. Whatsapp friend: Yo, road trip soon?

13h55: Who is whistling now? Oops. It is the kettle. Forgot about that.

14h05: Focus. Work.
Coffee time? NO! Chill woman.

15h22: Friend replies: Sure, when?

15h23: Focus. Karoo? No. Focus.

15h24: Whatsapp back: So maybe we’ll start in Steytlerville and do a circular loop with Beaufort West as the furthest spot?

15h25: Debit order SMS from the bank.
Goodbye my lover, goodbye my friend.
Pep talk: It will all be okay, but less day dreaming and more work?

15h27: Focus. Work.

17h54: Two deadlines down, two to go.
Google maps, scroll in and out, a route stars to form. So Steytlerville, Jansenville, Graaff-Reinet, Nieu-Bethesda, Middelburg, Murraysburg, Beaufort West. Isn’t there a song about Beaufort West? Is there a Beaufort East? De Rust, Uniondale and then back to Port Elizabeth via the Langkloof. Sounds like a plan.

18h08: Focus. Work. You can do it. You can go to bed before midnight. Do it!

18h09: I wonder what the public transport is like in Botswana? What if I just get on a bus and…

18h10: Counting to three: ONE, TWO, are-you-done-daydreaming, THREE!
Yes, yes, okay fine.

19h23: Dinner. Defrost soup. Thanks mom.

19h40: Focus. Work.

21h22: Coffee. Strong coffee. Mandheling coffee. Sumatran discovery. Indonesian adventure.
No stop it! Work.

21h26: Focus. Work.

22h39: Cat on desk. Cat walks over keyboard. Cat demands bed time. Cat. Meow. Mau. Cat goddess. Sphinx. Pyramids. Egypt?
Hey Google, Travel to Egypt.
Google: Latest Egypt travel warning…
Shut up Google.

22h42: Focus. Work. Just a tiny bit more.

23h39: Have I showered today?
Sniff sniff.
But I spilled soup on my shirt.

23h45: Bathroom. Water. Face. Teeth. Zombie.

23h55: Set alarm: 04h35, 04h42, 04h45, 04h50, 04h57.
05h15, just in case.

23:59: What about adding Oudtshoorn to that Karoo road trip?

I know I can’t be the only one… let me know where your mind wanders to! 

My MInd Wanders

Disclaimer: I wrote this for Traveller24.

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