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This week: Milk Bar (Parkmore, Johannesburg)

Join me on this caffeine journey where I will share some of my favourite coffee shops and coffee spots in Port Elizabeth (and sometimes elsewhere) because let’s be honest, everything gets better with coffee.

Obviously today’s feature is “somewhere else” since I am in Joburg this week.

Take a Coffee Break in Johannesburg at Milk Bar

They say friends don’t let friends drink bad coffee and how thankful am I for two friends, Iga from Eager Journeys and Heather from 2summers, who had my caffeinated back when the suggestion came to visit Milk Bar after my flight from PE.

Milk Bar – with a branch in Rosebank and Parkmore (*and possibly Port Elizabeth soon, read statement below) – is known for its trendy African-inspired healthy food, drinks and unique retro-African chic decor with old hand-painted signs of barber shops, mechanics, pre-schools, car parts and more. 

Milk Bar Parkmore Joburg
Milk Bar Parkmore Joburg
Milk Bar Parkmore Joburg

“Milk Bar is a place where coffee, food, and a good time come together with a proud African flair.” 

And I’m not here to argue… because besides the coffee with a lekker kick, the quiet day time atmosphere that makes Milk Bar a great place to work from and the generator flipping Eskom off as it continues to supply and pump out wi-fi, little did I know that the best chickpea curry South and North of the equator could be found here. It’s a sweet chickpea curry with spicy butternut, avo, pickled cucumber and lemon zest. AND IT IS THE BEST THING THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED TO A CAN OF CHICKPEAS (I sincerely apologise Mr Hummus, love you long time too). I can’t speak for the other food, haven’t tasted it, but that curry… sjoe. Visit their website for menus and more, an Americano is R20, breakfasts start at R45, flatbreads are R62 and up, you can also find salads, bar snacks such as Chilli Bites and Triple Cooked Chips, bunny chows, pizzas, burgers and there is a health menu as well.

Milk Bar Parkmore Joburg
Milk Bar Parkmore Joburg

So let’s talk about the statement I made about a Milk Bar opening in Port Elizabeth…

Of course, I made it up. It is not official. 

But after that chickpea curry can you blame me?

In the end they have two choices – and I don’t want to go all ultimatum on them – they can either open a branch in Port Elizabeth or send me the recipe (or the chef). I don’t mind when it happens, I’m reasonable, but if the chickpea curry can be readily available to me in about a year I’ll be happy. 

Thank you in advance Milk Bar.

Want to visit? Milk Bar Details

Coffee-meter:It’s a jaaaa, YES, ja from me! 

Address: 11 Holt St W, Parkmore, Sandton

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday, 07:00 to 23:00.

There is also a branch in Rosebank (21 Keyes Ave, Rosebank), and they are open from 07:00 to 22:30 Tuesday to Saturday, and 07:00 to 17:00 on Sundays and Mondays.

Milk Bar Parkmore Joburg

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