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This week: Grass Roof Farm Stall and Restaurant

Join me on this caffeine journey where I will share some of my favourite coffee shops and coffee spots in Port Elizabeth (and sometimes elsewhere) because let’s be honest, everything gets better with coffee.

Take a Coffee Break in Port Elizabeth at Grass Roof Farm Stall & Restaurant

If you live in Port Elizabeth – or visit friends and family quite often – then you should be no stranger to Grass Roof Farm Stall & Restaurant.

This getaway spot – situated just a few kilometers down the road from the hooting and tooting of shopping centres, traffic lights and businesses – has been a hit with the people of the Bay since it opened its doors in 2013.

And it is easy to understand why it is so popular and why the parking lot is almost always full and leaking into the road; whether you arrive in the morning or in the afternoon, on a Monday or a Saturday, this is one the most popular restaurants in Port Elizabeth. Residents and visitors alike flock to Grass Roof – with its unique grass-covered roof – for the outside atmosphere, the indoor coziness (hello winter, hello fireplace), the Instagram-worthy Crazy Shakes (milkshakes loaded with any and every craving you might possibly have) as well as the artisan treats from bread to preserves that can be purchased from the Deli and fresh fruit and vegetables which are grown right there, on Olive Tree Farm.

Grass Roof Port Elizabeth

And of course, you visit Grass Roof for the food.

Grass Roof Restaurant and Farm Stall serves dishes that are well-prepared, well-presented and well-priced; they make the ordinary look extra-ordinary with hints of gourmet and fine-dining but with a taste of homemade goodness.  An Americano starts at R22 with a big variety of breakfasts between R30 and R100, they’re nogal quite famous for their thin crispy artisan pizza bases and pizzas are between R80 and R155. There are also other options like salads, burgers and pastas and if you want something a bit heavier there is a variety of meat-based dishes. Vegans and vegetarians can also make their way to Grass Roof thanks to the plant based options available such as the Vegan Shepard’s Pie, vegan French toast or Caramel and apple cheesecake and the Moroccan M’hanncha which is “a marriage of earthly ingredients pearl barley, butternut, roasted red peppers, dates and apricots all wrapped up in golden phyllo pastry served with spicy tomato sauce” (pictured below, and only R60).

Grass Roof
Grass Roof

Sorry tannie Sarie and uncle Jack, but you don’t visit Grass Roof for a (sorry) boring chicken mayo sandwich. You pay the teeny tiny bit extra and get mega much more  because this is a place where food, creativity and true talent come together in the kitchen and on your plate.

Besides things to nibble on and things to spread on toast or things to add to salads and more, the Deli also sells a few gifts (like these unique dishes with protea details), flowers and also some plants like veggies and herbs.

Grass Roof Port Elizabeth
Grass Roof
Grass Roof Port Elizabeth
Grass Roof Port Elizabeth

Parents will be happy to know that there is a play area for the kids, dogs on leashes are welcome and cat lovers should keep their eyes open for the resident cats… I found two beautiful black and white cats who were competing for the who-could-sleep-the-longest competition. Both won.  Grass Roof is also home to the weekly Parkrun (Saturdays at 08:00) and Friday night live performances.

Grass Roof

Want to visit? Grass Roof Farm Stall & Restaurant Details

Coffee-meter: It takes a good barista and good coffee to find that perfect balance between really strong but not overpowering; Grass Roof found that balance and it is just right! One cup is good, two cups are better, three cups will get you high.

Address: 792 Heron Road, Lovemore Park, Port Elizabeth.

Opening Hours: Daily from 08:00 to 17:00.

Grass Roof
Grass Roof

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