Coffee Experiences in Mossel Bay

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You know what I like?


You know what I like even more than coffee?

Unpretentious coffee.

There is a unique method and scoop of science on the road to the perfect cup of coffee. Or at least one person’s idea of the perfect cup of coffee. Tastes differ and that’s the beauty of it. But with the shift in the coffee scene in South Africa over the last decade that turned a beverage into a trend –much like what happened with craft beer and is currently also happening to gin and rum – a hint of pretentious is often served with your coffee.

Like a cookie, but less sweet.

As strange as this might sound, some coffee shops make you feel like an inadequate coffee drinker, as if you don’t fit in; you don’t have the hipster look, your type of electronics in front of you don’t match the scene, you’re not ordering a flat white but instead an Americano (and gasp, you add a drop of milk to that) and back home an AeroPress or Chemex is not part of your kitchen’s make-up. 

Maybe I’m the strange one? Maybe I am overanalysing things? Maybe I should get to the point of this blog post?

Ja okay.

(Or maybe you understand and agree with me?)

Coffee Experiences in Mossel Bay

Coffee Experiences in Mossel Bay

I’ve had some pretty noteworthy coffee experiences in Mossel Bay (the whole trip was pretty noteworthy and I converted to Mossel-Bayism) and while two experiences stood out especially, the cookie of pretentiousness never got served with a cup of coffee. As a matter of fact, at Klipheuwel Padstal they served a free cup of soup with coffee.

Like a lot of towns in the Garden Route, Mossel Bay has its fair share of coffee shops – one as quirky and unique as the other – but what surprised me the most was to see how many coffee roasters there are in such a small area, how passionate each roaster is and how eager they all are to not only serve you a cup of their finest, but to talk to you about their roasting process followed by the words, “come look” and “have a taste” and then the question, “another one?”

Yes. Please. Always. Thank you.

And while Mossel Bay has its fair of coffee shops, I also had my fair share of coffee and coffee experiences in Mossel Bay with Baruch’s Coffee, situated in the industrial area, and Brothers Coffee in Groot Brak (towards Friemersheim) as the two that stood out the most.

But there were also a few others.

Here are 5 Coffee Shops and or Coffee Experiences in Mossel Bay to check out:

The Blue Shed Coffee Roastery

I have to be honest, while The Blue Shed serves good coffee, I am slightly more interested in the old cars that’s in the yard – there are a few golden oldies that are rusting in peace and some others that will turn heads if it gets a makeover. But old kombi aside, yes there is coffee, there is some roasting and they’re known for being the coffee shop on the hill doing the “micro thing” because they believe that “smaller is better and better is good“.

Where: 33 Bland Street, Mossel Bay.
Business Hours: 06:30 to 19:00, daily.

Coffee Experiences in Mossel Bay The Blue Shed

Fearless Coffee

From an early morning visit to Fearless Coffee I quickly gathered that this is a place loved and frequented by Mossel Bay’s locals from dawn to dusk; people pop in for a drink-and-treat-on-the-go, a quick meal, a meeting, a gathering and just to read the morning paper over a steaming cup of coffee. They offer a coffee tasting board where you get four different shots of espresso from beans from Malawi, Ethiopia, the Bugolobi Blend from Brother’s Coffee, as well as the Coffee Snobs blend (from the now local band: Coffee Snobs). They pride themselves in giving visitors the experience of the Science of Coffee, (Coffeeology) Aeropress, Pourover V60, Chemix, Siphon, Frenchpress and their secret recipe of a Bullet Proof coffee.

Where: 49 Marsh Street, Mossel Bay.
Business Hours: 08:00 to 18:00, Monday to Saturday.

DSCN8209-01 (1)
DSCN8223-01 (1)

Stars Restaurant Roasting Wow Coffee

Stars Restaurant is situated next to Spar at the Bayview Centre and you’ll quickly learn to not judge a book by its cover, this restaurant has a lot more ambiance than meets the eye from the outside. Apart from affordable – and good – meals (try the Chicken Pesto Butternut Salad) and artisan bread, they also roast and sell Wow Coffee at the restaurant, a coffee that lives up to its name.

Where: Bayview Centre, Mossel Bay.
Business Hours: 07:30 to 23:00, daily (except Sundays’ closing time, 22:00).

Coffee Experiences in Mossel Bay Stars Restaurant

But no words can ever do justice to the passion I experienced at the following two places:

Baruch’s Coffee Roastery

If had a cup of coffee for every time someone told me “You should go to Baruch’s Coffee Roastery in Mossel Bay” I’d be on one massive caffeine high. But after meeting Uncle Baruch, seeing how he roasts his coffee and most importantly, witnessing the passion in his eyes, hearing it through his words and tasting it, I understand why. Now I’ll join the crowds and also tell the next person, “You should go to Baruch’s Coffee Roastery & Coffee Shop“. The décor of the coffee shop is very unique and cosy, they serve Israeli food as well as Turkish Coffee.

Where: Gericke Road, Die Voor Bay, Mossel Bay.
Business Hours: 08:00 to 17:00, Monday to Friday.


Brothers Coffee Roastery

Beautiful things happen when passionate people become baristas and roasters. Visiting Brothers Coffee, out on the road towards Friemersheim, brought with it a certain calmness; maybe it is the quiet location overlooking the mountains, perhaps it is the story of how and where Brothers Coffee started or maybe it is the gentle way the barista talked about the coffee-making process. Brothers is 95% roastery and 5% coffee shop; they offer a cupping session which is about a two hour educational coffee tour where you taste 3 different coffees, from a basic one to the more complex cup – and they also take you through the whole process from green beans to roasting with a few home brewing tips to top it off.

Where: 8 Rheeboksfontein, Groot Brakrivier.
Business Hours: 09:00 to 17:00, Monday to Friday, 09:00 to 13:00, Saturday.


Sadly I didn’t get to the Merchant, but I’ve heard that it is worth a visit and if you are after a tea experience you can lift your pinkie to a high tea at De Ja Vu Monroe where visitors will not only enjoy a feast of dainty treats, but there is also a vintage clothes to go with your experience and a private cinema where movies from yesteryear get the chance to live on. Both places are definitely on the top of my list when I’m visiting Mossel Bay again (and to think, I don’t even drink tea).

Are you from Mossel Bay or did you have a lekker coffee experience in Mossel Bay? Let me know, with so much to offer I know I must have missed out on something!

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