Things I’m PASSIONATE about

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1. strong and barely controllable emotion within for someone or something. Kind of a spark, kind of a fire. A thing that gives you a tingle, that makes you go woohoo, gives you butterflies in your stomach and inspires you to dream.
What’s yours?
(By the way, of course that’s not the actual dictionary definition of ‘passion’. Don’t call Oxford.)

Here are a few things I’m passionate about

1. I am passionate about exploring my backyard and my province, the Eastern Cape. 

2. I am passionate about affordable travel; I enjoy staying at inexpensive guest houses, self-catering accommodation and if I have to make a bed in my car’s boot/backseat, I’ll gladly do that too.

3. I’m passionate about dirt roads and get a teeny tiny bit upset with the common notion that dirt roads are only meant for off-road vehicles. Your car’s got the balls to eat a bit of dust, don’t handle a sedan like a pipsqueak. If I read one more time about someone who visited Addo Elephant National Park (or another national park) but decided not to venture off the tarred roads because they don’t have a 4×4 I might lose it. If a road is meant for 4x4s only there will be a sign – ESPECIALLY if you are in a national park – and if there is a sign and you don’t have a 4×4, don’t go. Capisce? Good.

4. I am passionate about driving, I really love being in the driver’s seat on long road trips and I see it as me-time.

5. I am passionate about not being interested in luxury accommodation. I don’t fit the bill. Extravagant rooms, thread counts, fancy services, people running baths for me or amuse-bouche between dinner courses and things I can’t pronounce do not interest me at all.

6. I am passionate about solo travel; go alone, don’t let your curiosity to explore wait for anyone!

7. I am passionate about my name; I’ve been called anything from Angie to Annie to Onion and that is okay, but when I get an e-mail or a message and I see (or hear) ‘Anja’ I see red ( I mean, I understand if you don’t know me, but if you send or reply to an e-mail address that’s anje@ and a sign off that says Kind Regards, Anje Rautenbach… well ja. Not cool.

8. I passionately HATE it when people text and drive. No human can text while still paying 100% attention to the road, other vehicles around them and the vehicle they’re driving. Nothing is THAT important that it can’t wait until you come to a complete halt. If you text and drive, please stop. No one cared about immediate responses back just a few years ago so IT CAN WAIT.

9. I am passionate about using my camera and turning an experience into an image and into a memory or a clip into a video. I’m learning one click at a time  and I am also passionate about avoiding being in front of the camera.

10. I am passionate about creating, I am passionate about writing; it is the closest I’ll ever get to birthing a child and to me it is the most difficult yet most liberating thing to do regardless of the fact that filling blank pages with words scare the socks off my feet and that it stirs a hint of creative self-doubt. 

11. I am passionate about rooting for someone’s dreams and think following your heart deserves a whole lot of love and support.

12. I am passionate about disliking the beeps coming through on my phone; my phone is 99% of the time on silent.

13. I am passionate about avoiding the question “what do you do?” because I suck at explaining it and friends/acquaintances still ask me to this day “so, what are you doing now” as if the past few years have just been a filler until I get a “real job” (whatever that may mean).

14. I am passionate about and committed to the work I do, the thing I call a job (whatever that may be).

15. I passionately dislike the noises my neighbours upstairs make; it brings out the worst in me when I can differentiate between bare feet, high heels, takkies and slippers. I just want to know where are they going and where are they walking to the whole time? It is a one bedroom apartment for crying out loud! 

16. I am passionate about spending time in nature and seeing animals in their natural habitat; I’ll sit for hours at a waterhole and just observe elephants and warthogs without getting bored.

17. I am passionate about my mess (on my desk, in my closet, in my drawers, on my floor) and about calling it creativity instead.

18. I am not passionate about my grey hair (one is not supposed to look like this when you’re a few months shy of 33) but it is in the genes.

19. I passionately despise wine, sherry, port and tequila (to name a few). It makes me pull funny faces and I really don’t enjoy it (but I’m first in line when there’s old school Ginger Square).

20. I passionately love coffee and I am kind of a coffee snob.

21. I am passionate about my family and I’ll go to war for them. My cat counts as family. I love her squishy-wishy face and her nose.

22. I am passionate about flip flops. There are no shoes better than flip flops.

23. I’m passionate about talking with others about their entrepreneurial possibilities and seeing how they ignite that fire within.

24. I am passionate about watching others create creative magic.

25. I passionately dislike noises. Misophonia is real.

26.  I am passionate about the act of giving compliments – especially in the creative world – and I believe creatives (it doesn’t matter what you do) desperately need positive reinforcement (we’re a fragile bunch). But unfortunately, for some reason, compliment-giving is rare – as if there is this belief that giving a compliment will take something away from your own craft. It won’t. If you like something, tell someone. 

27. And if this is maybe not clear yet, I’m really super duper passionate about travelling – not just travelling myself, but also seeing others explore the world around them.

28. I am passionate about humour (and sarcasm). 

29. I might not know you, but I am passionate you and about who you are as an individual.

What are you passionate about?

Find something you love, and go after it, with all of your heart – Jim Abbott.

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