With you, for the long run

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“Do you want to sleep in a truck?”

‘Of course, sign me up’ was the first thought that came to mind when I heard of the Isuzu Village; who can say no to unusual accommodation, something out of the ordinary and innovative?

I packed my bag, and as I reached for the bottle of shampoo it struck me:


Trucks don’t have bathrooms.

I quickly jumped into the shower as a precaution thinking that there will probably be make-shift bathrooms. Possibly a long-drop. Every Isuzu event I’ve attended so far has been rolled out with sheer professional brilliance; if there is a long-drop it will be a decent one, with air-freshener. And I’m sure the sleeping arrangements will consist of a mattress in the truck, with a make-shift wall to separate me from my neighbour and to spare my neighbour (hopefully) from my sleep-talking.

Because trucks don’t have rooms, no, trucks move big things; it transports our food, our petrol, our building supplies, our money, our garbage and anything and everything under the sun.

But I could not have been more wrong. 

Never stereotype a truck.

The brand new Isuzu Motors SA with their new slogan ‘With you, for the long run’ and proud heritage of building bakkies and trucks in South Africa, continues to deliver the best customer experience… even when you are sleeping in a truck.

With you for the long run Isuzu

These trucks (FTR 850) were converted into sleeping quarters and if you think bunk beds, think again.

Each truck consisted of two rooms and each room had a double bed, complete with windows, power sockets, bedside tables, reading lights and air-conditioning.

But that’s not all, when Isuzu says ‘With you, for the long run’ they mean it.

Each room also has a bathroom, with a shower, toilet and basin.

With you for the long run 6

That’s right: one truck, two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a whole lot of innovative excellence (and no long drops).

Different , that is Isuzu.

Isuzu: With you, for the long run

The Isuzu Village was a temporary ‘camp’ situated in a valley in the Hopewell Conservation Estate and the whole set-up from the truck to the tent accommodation (tents also had its own bathrooms), was proof of Isuzu’s aspiration to be a leader in the manufacture and supply of vehicles and to exceed customer expectations with strong values of trust, excellence, action and motivation.

Isuzu Motors SA is focusing on the future, building on the heritage created in South Africa, and it is evident that the company is striving for greatness and that they are putting their customers at the heart of everything they do.

And what is the future and new beginnings without an exciting new product?

Say hello the mu-X!

The mu-X, an SUV, will be introduced into the South African and Sub-Saharan market mid-2018. It is a vehicle powered by Isuzu’s proven 3-litre engine packed with active safety features. The car-like handling with exceptional ride comfort is supported by a 5-link rear suspension with ample space.

With you for the long run 3
With you for the long run 2

It has a look that screams ‘road trip’ (while for parents it might say, ‘enough space for the kids and the pets’).

At the Isuzu Village an mu-X covered with a red cloth was just waiting for the drumroll and the ta-da moment. But of course, in the name of being different, the ta-da moment was bigger than what anyone anticipated. A video and light display, projected against a cliff face, left everyone mesmerised for a few minutes as they listened to the origin of Isuzu and the history of the company in South Africa. Then, the face on the cliff appeared right in front of the audience; a face belonging to South African beatboxing champion, Morgan Beatbox. Needless to say, that was not all; when the ta-da moment happened and the red cloth got pulled off the mu-X, another mu-X high up on the mountain also appeared with the song “Go Your Own Way” by Fleetwood Mac accompanying the moment. A song that was released as a single in 1976, just four years after the first bakkie (LUV) rolled of the Kempston Plant in Port Elizabeth in 1972.

With you for the long run 5
With you for the long run 4

They say you should always remember where you came from and while the new mu-X certainly turned heads, the exhibition of older Isuzu models at the Isuzu Village was a head-turner in a class of its own. A truck, a classic KB and an Isuzu Trooper; vehicles that were built back in the day, vehicles that had to be driven to the Isuzu Village (via dirt roads), vehicles that are shouting proof that Isuzu is, ‘With you, for the long run’.

Have a look at the this short video about the reveal of the mu-X. Excuse the shakiness, had no idea the reveal would be so epic and realised too late that a tripod and a spot a few meters away from the tree would have been a better bet. Enjoy!

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