Africa is calling. What’s your answer?

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The ink from my short trip to Lagos, Nigeria (#GidiWithGoogle) has not even settled into my passport pages and I’m already thinking of my next adventure in Africa.

Actually, in all honesty, I’m not thinking about it, I’m already planning it; I find myself zooming in and out of Google Maps, switching from traffic view to satellite view, daydreaming about this and that and it doesn’t take too long for me to reach a border on the map thinking, “perhaps I should add another destination?”

Explore Africa

There is always more to explore. And that’s the thing about Africa; it’s a vast continent of opportunities, surprises and experiences, rich in its cultures, diverse in its landscapes with music, art and literature vibrantly colouring the 30.37 million km² canvas with unique brush strokes from Cape to Cairo.

Whether you want to lounge on a beach with white sand and turquoise water, trek into a rainforest in search of the elusive gorillas, go on a safari to experience free roaming animals in their natural habitat, dance your shoes off in a big city, stand in awe of waterfalls, indulge in local recipes, hike to the top of Africa’s highest mountain, explore the depths of the ocean or delve into the birthplace of humankind… there is always more to explore in Africa.

Nyathi Rest Camp

Travelstart, an African online travel booking website (for flights, hotel bookings, car rental and more), has put together a quiz that will determine which African country you secretly want to explore.

I took the quiz four times (over the course of a week), not because I was not satisfied with my first answer, but I needed an ‘excuse’ to explore more than just one country, to add another place to the endless list of places I still want to get to, to answer the “why do you want to go there” with a “because the quiz said so!”

The results from my answers the first, second and third time I took the quiz all boiled down to the same destination and I got the message loud and clear that I should explore Morocco.

I’m DEFINITELY not arguing with that result; Morocco – its markets, tanneries, the Sahara desert, Casablanca’s mosque and the blue city, Chefcahouen – has been on my radar for a long time already.

The quiz said the following about the result, Morocco:

“You are not interested in the humdrum and mundane. You are drawn to places that ooze magic and mystery, and linger on your skin like the warm touch of a lover.”

My fourth result told me to head to Botswana.

Yes thank you more please. That is another result I’m DEFINITELY not arguing with. I am yearning to explore the wilder side of Africa where the idea of city chatter is a distant thought silenced by nature; sign me up for the Okavango Delta, Kubu Island, Central Kalahari, sign me up for an overland tour, a tent, a camp fire, quiet starry starry nights and a game drive.

The quiz said the following about the result, Botswana:

“You are a lover of nature and seeker of beauty and soul-stirring experiences. You are what some might call a paradox – a calm and gentle creature with an untamed soul. You are energized by good conversations and the roar of the city, but it is to the deep rumble of nature that your heart beats most fiercely.”

Now it’s your turn! Africa is calling. What’s your answer?

Take the quiz: Which African country do you secretly want to explore?

If you got Nigeria…

During my recent trip to Lagos I discovered just how wrong the world’s general perception is of this city; yes there is a bit of chaos, yes there is traffic (in fact that’s what Lagos is famous for), yes there are a few potholes and pollution, but I found beauty in the most unexpected places and had the opportunity to scratch the surface of those common misbeliefs of exaggeration and preconceived thoughts. It is one of the most fascinating places I’ve ever visited, a dynamic city with an interesting atmosphere and the thing that struck me the most was the welcoming and friendly spirit of the locals who are proudly calling Lagos home.

Explore Africa 4
Explore Africa 3
Explore Africa

In the video, “Discover Africa with Travelstart”, Mariam Olaide said the following about her country:

“The first thing I love most about Nigeria is our people. We are some of the most loving and caring people you will ever meet, it doesn’t matter what is thrown our way we always figure out a way to get through it with a smile.”

If you ever find yourself in Lagos, don’t miss out on visiting Lekki Conservation Centre, Lekki Market, Fela Kuti’s house (museum) and shrine, Freedom Park, join a boat tour on the massive Lagos Lagoon (7000 km²), have lunch at Terra Kulture where there is also an art gallery, theatre and book store and don’t miss out on eating the dish that’s synonymous with Nigeria, jollof rice. More to come about my experience in Lagos soon, stay tuned.

This blog post was sponsored by Travelstart, as always, all opinions expressed are my own.

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