Good Morning, Port Elizabeth

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Good morning, Port Elizabeth.

Good morning, Port Elizabeth

Every morning, when the rising sun lovingly strokes your sky, I take a peek out of my window and watch as the orange soon-to-be daylight dances in stripes and strokes, with a few swirls and a few twirls, into another masterpiece; nothing like yesterday, nothing like tomorrow.

Free from congestion, I leap onto your network of roads and soar – quick and easy – from one end to the next.

Along the way significant faces greet the day to life; hundreds of years stand humbly proud while history occupy a space here and births a yesteryear memory there.

Over your Bay I look and witness the life you breathe onto our sandy shores while the ocean inhales your friendly spirit and exhales a world of inspiration that trickles and seeps into the city for change, for hope, for more.

In the land of your gentle arms – above and below – many have found a home to roam; your veld speaks in multi-biome tongues for fauna and flora from elephant to angora.

Your shoreline’s beacon beckons me closer to the sea where I join visitors and locals alike for a stroll of appreciation, a stride of wonder; runners and rowers bask in your light while an Oystercatcher let out a screech of kleep-kleep-kleep on the rocks, in clear sight.

A wave of peace splashes onto the sun-kissed grains of sand and as the familiar formidable Shark Rock Pier stretches meters into Algoa Bay I turn around, face the city and salute the sun, “Good morning, Port Elizabeth, good morning, Nelson Mandela Bay.” 

This is Home: Good Morning, Port Elizabeth

Have a look the the video I made: Good Morning, Port Elizabeth.

Special thanks to Blue Waters Cafe for allowing me on their deck so early in the morning! Be sure to visit them for a cup of coffee and breakfast (or lunch or dinner, whatever tickles your fancy) when you’re in the area of Hobie Beach. I think they’re one of the few restaurants in Port Elizabeth that opens 07h30 in the morning. 

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