Getting high in Kruger with a Trailbazer

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About a month ago I headed north and got high in Kruger National Park, South Africa…

I got as high as a kite.

It was the kind of high that made me crave for more; the kind of high that dilated my pupils into pure pleasure, made my heart race with excitement, made me hallucinate out of wonder and resulted into a case of severe withdrawal.

Serotonin. Dopamine. Adrenaline.


Sunrise. Sunset. Blue, blue skies.


Lion. Buffalo. Elephant.


Ground hornbill. Lilac-breasted roller. Tawny eagle.


Nature. Conservation. Freedom.


As it turns out, decades before the legalisation of Marijuana in South Africa, highs have been up for grabs all along in different sections of the country.

It has been *scientifically proved that these highs – often referred to as a more natural type of euphoria as opposed to the effects of other substances – have long-lasting benefits to improve moods, it cultivates a sense of appreciation and nurtures the inherent need to conserve the environment. *Studies have shown that these highs are usually brought on by natural locations throughout South Africa oozing with the sights and smell of fauna, flora and landscapes uninterrupted, lacking man-made structures. While there are no known side effects and health implications there have been reported cases of severe withdrawal after users halted the use of and the interaction with the aforementioned locations. *Medical research has shown that in order to prevent withdrawal users should ease themselves back into their man-made environment (commonly referred to as cities) and it is vital to have a plan of action on hand that addresses the question of how, where and when the next hit will come from.

High in Kruger 2
High in Kruger 1
High in Kruger 10

Getting high in Kruger National Park with a Chevrolet Trailblazer

About a month ago I headed a bit northeast in South Africa and got high in Kruger National Park.

Let’s not lie; I got as high as kite.

There’s something about nature that changes my mood, lifts my spirit and increases my levels of serotonin; it’s the combination of the sights, the smells, the ohh and ahh over never-ending landscapes, wild animals roaming free, flowers blooming and eagles soaring (to name a few).

High in Kruger 6
High in Kruger 8

But there was another contributing factor to my recent high in Kruger National Park; nature was not the only cause.

A steed put his best foot forward and took me on a trip as it showed off its safety skills, maximum performance and great comfort; a beautiful steed that goes by the name of “Chevrolet Trailblazer”.

The Chevrolet Trailblazer added a whole lot of oomph to the experience of getting high in Kruger, literally, figuratively and the whole shebang; from the moment I left Johannesburg’s airport with a heart pulsing at the speed of light as I’m not Joburg-traffic-qualified, to taking the open road and switching on cruise control, to navigating through the roads of Kruger National Park.

The Trailblazer’s Wild Side

I’ve experienced the off-road and 4×4 side of this vehicle in February when I visited Magoebaskloof on a #TrailblazerAdventure trip; I sang the praises of the Trailblazer’s safety features and how it handled itself over an obstacle course.

In Kruger I experienced a different side of it; I had one week behind the wheel and while traversing through the National Park’s southern section I bonded with the Chevrolet steed.

High in Kruger
High in Kruger
High in Kruger 15

The say home is where the heart is and from the moment the gates in Kruger opened until it closed at night the Trailblazer became my home and the roads became my heart.

I got high in Kruger; high on wildlife and up high in the Chevrolet Trailblazer. Here are some features that I enjoyed most about the #TrailblazerAdventure:


Did I mention that I got high in Kruger? The height of the vehicle offered superb views for game drives and I often found that lower vehicles could not spot the same animal we spotted.


I’ve talked about the space of the vehicle during the Magoebaskloof trip as well – it is perfect for family travel, great for the traveller with lots of sporting equipment or lots of gadgets (like my travel partner for this trip, Andrea Rees from Wandering iPhone, who had a gazillion cameras and camera gadgets with her).

The space in the vehicle also made it great from a photography point of view; it is easy to get a shot from the passenger’s window when you are in the driver seat and vice versa and sitting in the back gives you the chance to move freely from window to window for the best view.

Auto transmission

I finally understood why driving an automatic car is so great.

I’ve stalled my own car a few too many times while on game drives because it happens when you get caught up in a great wildlife sighting, a sudden stop or a speed somewhere between idle and something slower than snail-speed. But with the automatic transmission it was never a problem. Actually driving an auto was so amazing that when I got back I could not understand why I stalled my car when I hit the brakes (oh hi there Mr. Clutch, where did you come from?).

And not having to worry about changing gears and changing lanes while driving in Joburg traffic is a godsend (I’m used to Port Elizabeth traffic, what did you expect?).

USB Port

Seeing a USB-port in a car nowadays is as common as seeing a steering wheel but thanks to that little port I could keep my phone charged, as well as my battery pack, wireless modem and my small action camera.


Oh boy. There is a reason why they say that June and July is the best time to visit Kruger National Park. The heat is intense if you are going in March. As a cry for help (since my mind could not function in the heat) I told my travel buddy (who is from the very cold Canada), “help me I’m dying” when it was only 24°C. It felt more like 34°C. If it wasn’t for the aircon I would have never survived.


I’ve talked about space before but besides having more than enough space for luggage I also think this vehicle will make an excellent sleeping space if you don’t want to pitch a tent. I was going to try it while being in Kruger but then the heat made me change my mind.

Safety beeps

I’ve covered safety features during the Magoebaskloof trip as well but just have to say, a beep a day keeps the dents away.

High in Kruger
High in Kruger 7
High in Kruger
High in Kruger

High in Kruger, high in the Trailblazer

If you want to see the Chevrolet Trailblazer in action, and see a few of my favourite wildlife sightings which contributed to my high in Kruger, have a look at the video I made.

Getting high in Kruger National Park – #TrailblazerAdventure

Went to Kruger National Park and got high… High on nature and high from going on game drives in the Chevrolet Trailblazer; a vehicle which offers a pretty awesome view thanks to its height. Read more at: Don’t forget to subscribe and follow me on Facebook:… Twitter: Instagram:…

For a 360-video (of Kruger’s elephants and the vehicle), watch this awesome video Andrea made. You can move and drag over the YouTube video on your desktop to get a full 360-view. Tip: Don’t do it too fast, you might get sea sick.

If you want more information about the Chevrolet Trailblazer, please click here.

* Medical research/scientifically proved/studies: not really…it was just my imagination.

Disclaimer: General Motors SA sponsored the vehicle for the trip. As always, all opinions are my own.

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