Who even are you?! – This Goodbye Sucks

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This blog post is not a funny or informative or travel-related one, it’s a goodbye to one of the most incredible, inspiring human beings who has ever stepped foot on earth. 

Dear Andy

I’m holding a pack of frozen spaghetti on my face because my eyes are swollen.

I don’t even know why there is frozen spaghetti in the fridge; who puts cooked spaghetti in a freezer?

Also, it smells like fish.

Today sucks. Yesterday sucked too. Saturday sucked also.

We all believed you would pull through.

But you carried on.

It happened too soon. Way too soon.

There is still a whole world out there just waiting to hear you shout, “Who EVEN are you” as you marvel at a landscape or a sunset. So many rocky formations still want to echo your voice. There are more videos to be made. More adventures. More bacon. More Coke Light. More waves. More jumps. More coffee. More of everything.

This sucks Andy. It happened too soon. Way too soon.

The tears come easy, I open Facebook and it is filled with messages of condolences, messages celebrating your life; people are sharing their stories and anecdotes – or rather Andycdotes – from south to north, east to west.


Beyond the tears, grief and sadness, there is a heavy presence in every single message, photo and update of just how much you have influenced the lives of the people around you because every single person who has ever met you, has an Andy-story.

Even those who have never met you in person but knew the online-Insta-snapchatting-Andy, has an Andy story. Wherever you went, you made an impact.

You know that right?

I’m sure you do.

Because you are a flippen legend.

Andy Carrie

You’ve done and accomplished more things in 28 years than what a dozen of 80-year-olds can only dream of. You truly lived every second to the fullest. Your passion for life and the things and people you loved were visible in every single thing you ever did. You did everything with your whole damn heart.

I’m so flippen happy that you followed through with the vlogs and finally did it – I told you that if you ever skip a week that you would have to deal with me – knowing that there won’t be a Weekly Vlog 008, sucks. I was really proud of you man. You were Casey Neistat in the making! Did you know that he announced just a few days ago that he stopped vlogging. There is a gap to fill in the vlogosphere, Andy.

And by the way, your latest vlog is getting close to a 1000 views. What a legend you are.

(Update 05/12/16: Actually, that vlog has now almost 2000 views. Dude!). 

(Update 07/12/16: Make that MORE than 8000 views. I’ll shout “Who EVEN are you?” at the top of my lungs when it reaches 10 000).

I’m thankful for the last chat on Wednesday – even if it was a short one filled with emojis and memes of funny names for animals (because of course a mosquito should be called a “dirty needle”, a seagull is a “beach chicken” and a snake is a “danger noodle”).

I’m thankful for that meet-up at the airport a few months ago. It was quick, but it was worth it.

I’m thankful for that crazy Meet South Africa adventure last year. Initially I thought, “who the hell is this guy”, a day later I found out. Then I also discovered that you shout, “who even are you” to any landscape or sunset or thing that is incredible.


I’m thankful for the random calls and voice notes.

I’m just thankful. You’ve enriched the lives of many by just being good old Andy and that’s why I’ll forever be a Fandy.

You were truly one of a kind.

The spaghetti has thawed; I’m dehydrated, I had to write another goodbye and that sucked just as much as this one. Until I find the next pack of frozen goods, I’m done with the tears Andy. Now it’s time to #LiveLikeAndy. 

Cheerio mofo, your legacy will carry on.

My thoughts go out to everyone who knew Andy, but especially to his loving family, and his bromance friends.

A few more thoughts…

If 2016 has showed me anything it is that life is a fickle thing.

Stop making excusing, stop saying no and start living.

Go see that friend, answer that message, give someone a call when they pop in your head, spend time with family and loved ones, take on adventures, do not leave things for “one day” and do not get too busy with things that don’t really matter.

And lastly, DO NOT EVER THINK IT’S OKAY TO DRINK AND DRIVE. Andy didn’t but someone else did.

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