Caffeine and Travel: Coffee on the Go

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Caffeine and travel go hand in hand. I can’t separate the two. Just because you travel and not surrounded by your own kitchen’s comforts does not mean that you have to suffer through instant coffee.

No one should ever suffer through instant coffee. Never.

I’m a coffee snob in cheap clothes.

Getting a good dose of coffee while being on the road is (or was) not always the easiest thing to get. Especially if you are in a hotel room and there is only a kettle, a cup and some sachets containing brown granules of instant poison.

When I first realised that I had a coffee problem I got a Moka Pot thinking that I would use it while travelling and that I would bravely ask people if I can put my pot on their stove. But then, after travelling around Malaysia and Nepal, I re-realised that I am actually quite shy and I only used the Moka Pot when I stayed in hostels that allowed their guests to use gas stoves.

(For camping or adventures where you have your own gas stove a Moka Pot is GOLD!)

Mastertons Coffee

I looked for the next gadget: Something like a French Press but not made from glass.

I searched high and low; I went into every possible outdoor store but alas, I only found glass and other fire-or-stove-related gadgets.

Until I stumbled upon Trappers in Johannesburg last year and nearly kissed the sales lady as she guided me to a shelf containing a caffeine and travel solution; the GSI Java Commuter Press.

Price: R400-and-something.

I did not care that the caffeine and travel solution had a bigger price tag than any item of clothing or Converse I’ve ever own because no price could ever be put on the desire to enjoy good coffee AND travel at the same time. 

The GSI Java Commuter Press – seductively described as “Incredibly clever, sliding inner carafe replaces the rod from classic French Presses for unencumbered drinking and a double wall of insulation” – quickly wormed its way to the top of my travel pack list.

It did not stop there.

It’s sexy sealable spout also flirted with other caffeine addicts and the press got around, brew-brew pass. My parents frequently called up my coffee-making-tool and invited it along on camping trips and the Java Press willingly added joy to their outdoor pleasures.

I got a bit protective (jealous) and then, on one fine day, I saw an almost similar version at Clicks for only R109.

Gift. Done deal. Sorted! Daughter of the year!

Caffeine and Travel

Of course I had to test and compare the two (it was just another excuse to drink more coffee actually).

A Caffeine and Travel Comparison

Clicks’ On-the-Go Coffee Press vs Trappers’ GSI Java Commuter Press

caffeine and travel

[table id=1 /]


I’m not exaggerating when I say that these caffeine and travel solutions are life-changing – whether you are going camping, staying in a hotel or just want to have something on the go. It is a quick and easy fix to avoid the instant sachets and get a decent cup of coffee; almost anywhere and any time.

Disclaimer: This blog post was not sponsored, I just really don’t want anyone to suffer through a cup of bad coffee. Life’s too short for that. Also, the top image features Mastertons’ newest blend, Blend of the Bay. That’s how incredible Nelson Mandela Bay and its tourism peeps are, it has its own coffee blend which was created with Mastertons, the oldest coffee roaster in South Africa.

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