From me, to me: A vacation in Sri Lanka

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In the middle of 2016 I already knew that I would need to take a break, have a change of environment, experience something completely unfamiliar and out of my comfort zone to make it to the last stretch of the year and rejuvenate myself for 2017.

I’ve been kicked in the butt countless times this year; repetitive kicking, but the good kind of kicking through which I managed to learn and grow. Through the butt-kicking I’ve realised that I could take on more than what I could’ve ever imagined (and in 2017 I will learn the balance between yes and no, and when “much” becomes “too much”), but I’ve also lost a bit of myself in the process…

I’ve lost sleep, spend limited time with friends and family (who probably think my “no, sorry, I have to work” is just a lame excuse), was glued to digital devices, went from the one capital letter to the next full stop, from this brief to that deadline and my fingers got stuck in the traffic-jam of social media.

In July I was already on the grill like a well-done steak – tired beyond measure – so when I saw an inexpensive plane ticket to Sri Lanka I didn’t even think twice and clicked “Book Now” straight away.

From July until the last week of October I just told my well-done self – who is possibly charcoal now – “you just need to power through until the end of October”.

So I did.

And that’s how I got to Abu Dhabi airport waiting for my connecting flight to Colombo, Sri Lanka.

I’m going to attempt a vacation.

Sri Lanka

But the job never stops and I still have some work to do and finish this week and of course, there are some minor deadlines each week to finish as well, but the good news is…the majority of it is all done.

Like I said, I’m going to attempt a vacation.

I’m going to wake-up without an alarm clock (which means I’ll probably still get up between 06:00 and 07:00), I’m going to loosen the glue between me and my phone and I’m going to say no to any new work for the time that I’m away.

The thought of it all is quite daunting; switching off has become difficult (which sucks). So while I’m attempting a vacation I also need to relearn how to vacate and how to really switch off.

It’s a vacation, a little gift with a ribbon, wrapping paper and a card: from me to me.
I’ve had absolutely no time to research Sri Lanka; I have no idea what to expect. I opened a borrowed (and possibly a bit outdated) Lonely Planet today for the first time, only booked accommodation for the tonight and just googled the exchange rate for the Sri Lanka Rupee…

Completely unprepared. I even forgot my plug adapter.

Let the adventure begin.

PS: A woman just walked passed me in heels – who flies in heels? They can’t be comfortable?

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