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Just over a week ago a beautifully wrapped box from Mastertons Coffee & Tea Specialists arrived under my nostrils and sent my senses on an euphoric journey. I opened the box hastily like a three-year-old who still believes in Santa Claus and there, meticulously placed between green tissue paper, the most beautiful thing greeted me: coffee (and some other goodies).

Mastertons rebranding

There’s something new at Mastertons Coffee & Tea Specialists

Mastertons rebranded the packaging of their 250g coffee; the once upon a time black Mastertons coffee packaging got a face lift, some colour and information about the history of the coffee, their roasting method and also, a “how to prepare” guide if you are not entirely sure how to prepare a cup of liquid magnificence.

This is what the roast masters say about their “heritage of fine coffee”…

Inspired by a man who had a coffee plan, our time honoured roasting method is the same today as it was when Jock Masterton first opened the roaster in Port Elizabeth in 1924. It is this generational craft of using sight, sound and smell to roast our coffee that has made the taste of Mastertons unique. Times have changed. Three generations on and a growing collection of coffee, we are still committed in our pursuit of roasting coffee right.

When these coffee masters say, “constantly in pursuit of excellence”, they don’t lie.

Mastertons 4
Mastertons 5
Mastertons 6

Mastering my Coffee Addiction with Mastertons

Let’s not lie. I’m quite addicted to coffee. And I’m also a bit of a coffee snob; a proud coffee snob.

Last year – after going from store to store – I finally got a nifty coffee-making solution from Outdoor Warehouse. The GSI Outdoors Java Commuter Press (which also functions as a travel mug) came to my rescue and I’ve found that it is perfect for travelling, camping and in true snobbish behaviour, throwing it in a bag when you visit friends who only drink instant coffee. Yes, I am really a coffee snob.

Due to my caffeine addiction I’ve had my fair share of coffee – hipster coffee, fancy coffee and bad coffee – but Mastertons coffee is still unbeatable. It’s my get-up-and-go in the morning, my fuel while I work, it’s precious coffee-time with friends, moments with family and my guilty pleasure when I try to fool myself that I haven’t had a lot of coffee during the day.

Slowly but surely I’m converting strangers and loved ones to Mastertonism. I’ve sent Mastertons coffee to Australia, South Korea and Thailand, I buy it as gifts and hand it out as a souvenir from the Bay and I have it in my bag when I travel.

Mastertons Port Elizabeth

It’s my other half; side by side, always there.

Besides the fact that the taste of their coffee gives me daily multiple coffeegasms, there are a few more reasons why I’m so infatuated with the brand:

  • They are the oldest coffee roasters in South Africa (since 1924).
  • Three generations of Mastertons have dedicated their lives to the art of coffee: Jock Masterton the founder (born in 1897), James Masterton (who joined in 1969) and Ryler Masterton (who joined the coffee team in 2002).
  • They’ve been operating from the same shop in Russell Road since 1966.
  • After restoration, they are still using the same delivery vehicle – a beautiful 1973 VW kombi – they’ve used throughout the 70s and 80s.
  • The Chipembere Blend is roasted for a cause: for every purchase R5 is donated to Rhino conservation through the Chipembere Rhino Foundation.
  • There is no smell better than the smell lingering around in Russell Road.
  • They have a unique, old-school roasting method, just read what they are saying about it: ”our roasting process is the same today as it was when Jock first opened the roastery in 1924, using sight, sound and smell to skillfully roast our coffee to perfection. You won’t find any PLC’s or computer operated roasters at Mastertons Coffee!

mastertons chipembere

Get your cup of coffee (or tea)

You can order Mastertons coffee and tea online, or if you are in Port Elizabeth, just visit the shop. They also have a variety of fourteen different dessert coffees and two single origin coffees. My favourite blends are: Brown Gold, Out of Africa, Alaskan Snow Goose, Blend 81, Childhood Memories, Tsitsikamma Blend and of course, for a good cause, the Chipembere Blend.

I have not tried all the blends, but my mission in 2017 is to taste a new blend every month!

Long live the caffeine addiction! Viva la Mastertons!

Mastertons Coffee

Disclaimer: The bags of coffee I’ve consumed to nurture my caffeine addiction was not sponsored by Mastertons, but I did receive a gift box with coffee goodies. As always, all opinions expressed are my own.

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