Dear Blog & Kie: Happy Birthday

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Yesterday I celebrated the 12th of October in silence between a few too many deadlines and responsibilities with reflective spasms of appreciation in between.

I have a lot of love for the month of October, especially the 12th of October, a special day with significance wrapped up in every minute, across different time zones and for three very different reasons.

Happy Birthday

#1 – It’s my Travel Anniversary

In October 2009 I left South Africa to live and work in South Korea; this journey was my first trip out of Mother Africa and it was also my first solo trip. Although I was a traveller long before this date thanks to my incredible parents who went out of their way to show me places around South Africa, this one-way-ticket-trip of 2009 waved my comfort zone(s) goodbye, threw me in at the deep end and became the stepping stone (or in fact, just one huge stepping rock) to everything that has happened between 2009 and now.

Reflective spasm: It is in fact so much more than a travel anniversary, and one day, when I have the energy, I will write about how that step of 2009 helped me to break down barriers and small town narrow-mindedness.

#2 – It is my Blog’s Birthday

My blog is 4 years old now!

4 years!

It’s quite difficult to put into words how this online baby has changed everything in my life from employment to friends to opportunities to sleepless nights to staying in pajamas the whole day.

I can just shake my head in amazement.

Reflective Spasm: I need to find the time to rewrite and rework all the posts (which you won’t find here anymore) I wrote in the beginning of my blogging journey about my bicycle journey, it is after all what started this blog. I should also write more on this blog’s baby sister, the Afrikaans one:

#3 – It’s the Birthday of Koos, my Bicycle

Koos, is my bicycle and he is also 4 years old now. Koos came into my life when I left South Korea after working there for three years; I bought a bicycle, got some panniers and toured around Indonesia by my lonesome self on two wheels. To this day that trip is still my best and most treasured adventure yet. (Read “My what, why, where and when of travelling by bicycle” if you are just as confused as to why someone would travel by bicycle).

Besides day trips here and there, Koos has not shown his face on my blog much during the last year – an unfortunate result of saying, “later”.

Reflective Spasm: Transform the “later” moments into realities in 2017 and bring back the adventures of (and with) Koos to turn roads into going-somewhere-slowly memories again.


Last year, I ended my 12th of October blog post with the following:

I like October. I like it a lot.

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.
– Paulo Coelho

And oh wow,  the universe really did conspire. 

Happy Birthday to my travelling feet, happy birthday to my blog and happy birthday to the best travel buddy in the world, Koos the Bicycle.

I give objects names and celebrate strange things, I’m weird like that.

A Birthday Celebration Competition

To celebrate all the birthdays I am giving away a set of Nelson Mandela Bay Pass Cards that will grant you free entry to a variety of activities in and around the Bay. All you have to do is enter your e-mail address. That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less! It’s as easy as one, two, three!

Competition is open until the 30th of October and the winner will be announced on Monday, 31 October 2016. Visit Going Somewhere Slowly’s Facebook page to stay up to date with the competition’s information, click here.

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