Life Lately: A Little Bit of Madness

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This blog post is the complete opposite of what I usually write about – but instead of writing about some place or about some travel story, I thought, let’s keep it real and share why there is nothing new on my blog…

If anyone ever tells you that it is a breeze to work for yourself, please don’t believe them, rather give them some work to do or a smack over the head.

The last two weeks (also known as two weeks with no new blog posts…a first in quite a long time) have been a whirlwind of everything – emotions, deadlines, work, meetings, arrangements, people and also, a bit of swearing in between the madness.

Things are a little bit crazy. It is 1pm and I am still sitting in yesterday’s clothes. A shower is on today’s to do list. I solemnly swear.

So in short, this is what happened from mid-August to today:

  • I edited a 90 000 word document. My eyes were not happy with my decision.
  • I wrote an article about something for someone (no use in telling you if it is not live yet).
  • I think I went to Cape Town for two days. I’m pretty sure I did. I think I saw a mountain but I also know I saw a lot of my laptop screen. When I booked my ticket to Cape Town, I booked it as Lady Anje Rautenbach – British Airways had more than just the boring titles, so I used it. Next time I will be a Rabbi. I am not exactly sure if women can be Rabbis?

    For my flight back to Port Elizabeth my royal title got revoked and I went back to being a MsAnje – there was not even a space between my name and my title. On the flight back I sat in the first row, aisle seat and got whacked over the head with multiple bags and also looked up people’s nostrils. It was weird. I am still recovering.

    I witnessed (in complete awe) a flight attendant’s first flight and fell in the love with the expression of pride and joy on his face when the plane took off. It was beautiful. I handed him a business card because I want to write something about him. The next day he liked a photo on my Facebook page, I sent him a message and haven’t heard anything back from him yet… he must think I am his first crazy stalker.

  • It was also World Photography Day and I realised that photography has taught me three things:
    1) There is a lot of beauty in patience.
    2) Magic does not always happen on eye level.
    3) Sometimes you need to put the camera down and just enjoy the moment.
    Samara Anje Rautenbach
  • I wrote another article about something for someone (no use in telling you if it is not live yet).
  • I wrote about something that happened five years ago and somehow got sympathy while I thought it was funny – I don’t know, you read and tell me. Just keep in mind, it happened half a decade ago and if one can’t laugh about these things then life would be pretty dull.
  • I was asked by Discover Africa Safaris to share my top pick for a safari getaway in South Africa and obviously I went with my beloved Addo Elephant National Park – so predictable but I couldn’t help it, that place is home!
  • A portion of my face was in the newspaper of the Herald in Port Elizabeth. I won’t describe my blog as “new” but I do like the “going places” part. Since last week I became a contributor and write a travel column alongside other amazing bloggers based in Nelson Mandela Bay. I wrote about Ayutthaya in Thailand and need to submit my piece for tomorrow, today. My time management at the moment is not doing so well.
    life lately herald
  • I compiled a few pieces for Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism featuring local women in tourism in the Bay.
  • Then came Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism’s exhibition which forms part of Tourism Month. Let’s just say, arranging parts of it was crazy and I need to colour my hair more often now because I received a few more grey ones. And as the keynote speaker (a councillor from the Bay) entered the building, I was still running around without shoes. Sorry councillor, I did not escape from anywhere, promise.
    Crazy is just the only way to describe the build-up to the event, but it is done and dusted and those who have helped (especially the ones who had no obligation to help) were rock stars. If you are in Nelson Mandela Bay, go have a look. The photographs are up
    for sale and all proceeds will go to Umzobo Wam.If you to know more, you can read about the launch, Umzobo Wam, the 10 exhibitioners and the whole idea behind the event. 

    I have major respect for people in PR arranging things, seriously, how do you do it? Don’t tell me. I’m too scared.
    NMBT exhibition

  • I wrote another article about something for someone (no use in telling you if…you know the rest).
  • Mid-event planning I scooted off to Port Alfred to spend the weekend at the Royal St. Andrews Hotel for the launch of their dégustation menu. I had to look up the word “dégustation” because I am smart like that and if you also have no idea what it means, then here you go: Dégustation is a culinary term meaning a careful, appreciative tasting of various foods and focusing on the gustatory system, the senses, high culinary art and good company. Dégustation is more likely to involve sampling small portions of all of a chef’s signature dishes in one sitting.You are welcome.Royal St Andrews Hotel in Port Alfred is definitely a place I want to return to and before I give too much away (because I will still write a blog post about it) let’s just say we were treated like royalty, we had something between a 7 and 9 course dinner and I’ll blog about it soon. The “we” I am referring to is Marion Marais (@marionmarais), the leader of the pack, Mark – @scrumpyjackson, Kez – @a.girl.named.kez and @foodinpe which consists of @taylofoong and @kickpushkgosi.
    royal st andrews
  • I opened up about my hatred for wine and gut shunned by the wine lovers. Read: Pssst, guess what? I hate wine.
  • I wrote the copy for someone’s website. It feels like it took forever.
  • I shared a few tips about travelling solo as a female on the blog of my dear friend, Eager Journeys.
  • And while I am thinking about all the deadlines I still have in this week and trying to wrap my head around it, I am currently managing a gazillion (or at least it feels like it) social media accounts for a digital company and of course (Murphy’s Law), that started the day before the launch, but I am grateful for people who understood and helped out during the first two days.

I work for myself. I haven’t showered today. My neck is in spasm. I am still living out of the bag I took to Cape Town and the bag I took to Port Alfred. My work space is a mess with slippers and shampoo on the desk. I washed my duvet cover a month ago and I still sleep under a duvet with no cover. I found a hammer in a bag I brought back from the event. I function on 3 hours of sleep a night. I only had one coffee so far and my cat is sleeping next to me on the table.

But I am happy. I am grateful. And all is well.

Working for yourself is such a breeze…

(Also, I just “wasted” time to write a 1222 word blog post…while I still owe people actual work. But the time spent on this post was a collection of the chillest minutes I had today. So screw it.)

P.S, an update a day later:  That shower I talked about…ja that didn’t happen. It is going to happen now. Yesterday I did wash my hair however. But I never rinsed out the conditioner. That is also going to happen now. Dreadlocks might be the next logical step because no comb will manage this mess.

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