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Carmién Tea wiggled its way into my stubborn caffeinated heart through one sip. A silky tea bag filled with flowers turned the water bright red, the alluring bouquet of smells tingled my nose and my palate rejoiced at the sweet taste of Vintage Romance – it was love at first sip.

But the love story had a rocky start and it dates back to the early nineties.

I had my tea-th pulled at a young age after a tea-cident, or rather a moment of insani-tea.

A friend once gave me a massive 2-liter mug for my birthday and the 9-year-old Anje (who still loved her cup of tea at that stage) thought, “won’t it be fun to fill the whole mug with tea?”.

And I did just that.

I filled the mug and drank 2 liters of tea in one sitting.

Needless the say, it was not fun – 2 liters of tea turned into “no more please” for many years and the huge mug became an ornament (which was probably what it was intended for) as I turned my back on tea and became constantly caffeinated.

Years of being an-tea tea passed and dark coffee pulsed through my veins but on one fine day the sun came out, Carmién Tea appeared and all I could say was, “more please”.

The story of Carmién Tea also dates back to the nineties and it is one filled with dreams, empowerment, nature and quali-tea; a story you can experience for yourself while making your own unique tea blend, while enjoying a tea, food and wine pairing and by going on a farm tour if you are in the West Coast area.

Or you can bring the tea closer – wherever you are – and experience it for yourself in your own unique way.

My Cup of Carmién Tea

A Carmién Tea experience is high on my list of things to discover on the routes of West Coast Way, but the distance between me and the West Coast did not stand in my way to have my own kind of Carmién Tea experience.

I ordered my tea online (nine different kinds of tea to be exact because of the huge variety) and two days later a box of Carmién Growing Goodness arrived; carefully wrapped in beautiful tissue paper tied together with a special silk ribbon.

A box of Vintage Romance beckoned me to grab a cup and the tea bag filled with rose buds, petals, lavender, calendula, rosehip, hibiscus and orange peel turned the water bright red, the alluring bouquet of smells tingled my nose and my palate rejoiced at the sweet floral taste – it was love at first sip.

Little did I know that rooibos had more than just health benefits; it also held travel possibili-teas within every cup of Carmién Tea and sip after sip I was transported to South African towns and cities through unique blends and flavours. Every cup brought its own sense of nostalgia as it woke my senses; I drifted from one city to the next town as childhood memories accompanied recent discoveries over towering mountains, through bustling cityscapes and into green valleys. 

With my hands cupped around the mug, I journeyed from my kitchen to the Garden Route, the Karoo and all the way to Johannesburg…

Green Honeybush, Rooibos & Mint – A Cup of Fresh – Tsitikamma

Carmien Tea Refresh

The Tea: “Carmién Refresh is a perfect blend of the finest green honeybush, rooibos and mint. Made from unfermented leaves, the higher levels of antioxidants help combat free radicals in the body. TIP: Best served as a refreshing breakfast- or after dinner tea“. (To order, click here).

The Feeling: A cup of Green Honeybush, Rooibos and Mint leaves your mind and body rejuvenated, crisp and relaxed like dew drops glittering in shades of green in the fresh early morning air.

The Place: Tsitikamma – the eden of South Africa in the Garden Route – is a refreshing stop between sloping mountains, a rugged coastline, pristine forests, adventure and waterfalls.

Amber Royalty Chai Vanilla – A Cup of Spice – Durban

Carmien Tea Vanilla Chai

The Tea: “This is a magnificent blend of naturally sweet rooibos, calendula petals with the invigorating taste of Indian spices. TIP: To add even more spark and creativity, enjoy Amber Royalty with food or serve as a palate cleanser between courses“. (To order, click here).

The Feeling: A cup of Amber Royalty Chai Vanilla takes you on an oriental tour bursting with spice, rhythm, colour and flavour.

The Place: Durban is an eclectic vibrant mix of North, South, East and West, all combined in a cultural cosmopolitan city with unbeatable other-worldly scents, sights and sounds.

Vanilla Mocha – A Cup of Strong – Johannesburg


The Tea: “Carmién Vanilla Mocha is an enjoyable blend of rooibos, vanilla, coffee and chocolate. The soothing mocha flavours are perfectly balanced with vanilla’s sweetness to give you a well-rounded, relaxing tea. TIP: Mix with milk and ice for a refreshing, caffeine-free alternative to iced coffee“. (To order, click here).

The Feeling: A cup of Vanilla Mocha is the perfect balance between bold and smooth, the ultimate harmony between strong and gentle.

The Place: Johannesburg is a blend of vanilla and mocha, sweet and strong – the megacity is a daring darling of South African success; committed to moving forward, devoted to growth and loyal to spirit of Ubuntu.

Rooibos & Buchu – A Cup of Health – Cederberg


The Tea:Carmién Rescue is a perfect blend of only the finest buchu and rooibos, both native to South Africa. Indigenous communities of our country have been using buchu for centuries to treat a wide range of ailments such as urinary tract infection, PMS, water retention, arthritis and prostate infections. TIP: Drink while traveling or during long distance flights“. (To order, click here).

The Feeling: A cup of Rooibos & Buchu is like drinking from nature’s pharmacy filled with old folk remedies and miracles.

The Place: The Cederberg, home to the indigenous pharmacy of rooibos and buchu, is a mountainous remedy of dramatic landscapes, multi-coloured sunsets and botanical diversity.

Rooibos Camomile – A Cup of Rest – Langkloof


The Tea: “Carmién Relax is a perfect blend of the finest pure rooibos and camomile, rosehip and hibiscus. For hundreds of years camomile has been used to help relieve common nervous system ailments such as insomnia, anxiety and panic attacks. TIP: A perfect evening tea to relax before bed“. (To order, click here).

The Feeling: A cup of Rooibos Camomile is the lullaby in your tea pot with its soothing serene combination of heaven, earth and everything in between.

The Place: It is in the Langkloof where one can say “all is well with my soul” as the chatter of Fynbos and stillness soar from formidable mountain peaks and roar from deep valleys.

Vintage Romance – A Cup of Antique – Nieu-Bethesda


The Tea: “Nothing says romance like a decadently delicious cup of tea, especially with this blend of naturally sweet rooibos, gorgeous rose petals and the fruity taste of forest berries. TIP: To add even more spark or creativity, enjoy Vintage romance with food or serve as a palate cleanser between courses“. (To order, click here).

The Feeling: A cup of Vintage Romance Rose Lavender tastes like a Victorian novel – love at first sip – and it greets your palate with a floral explosion of flavour.

The Place: Time stands still in Nieu Bethesda; the Karoo town where ancient art, architecture and ambiance frolic from furrow to far, from house to the Compass mountain’s hills, from yesterday to yesteryear.

Cherry Orange – A Cup of Cherry on Top – Cape Town


The Tea: “Carmién Cherry Orange is our special rooibos blend, flavoured with the crisp notes of cherry and orange to bring you the freshness of pure rooibos and buchu from the mountains of the farms. TIP: A full-flavoured tea that is a perfect match for a cheese, carrot or chocolate cake served with as a desert after meals or served ice cold with some mint on hot summer days“. (To order, click here).

The Feeling: A cup of Cherry Orange holds within its bright colour a journey that allows your senses to experience the cherry on top from earth down below.

The Place: Cape Town – complete with its iconic Table Mountain, history, unspoiled beauty, beaches and beaming city lights – is more than often the cherry on top for Capetonians, South Africans and visitors and it’s a city of endless possibilities.

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Remember to stop by to get more information about what you can get up to on the West Coast Routes and you can also read, 10 Ways to Enjoy Carmién Rooibos Tea and Rooibos Tour with Carmién Tea

If you are a caffeine addict or a recovering addict, read this blog post by Di Brown about how Rooibos Tea is the New Coffee, but remember to stay a caffeine addict so that we can still enjoy multiple mugs of coffee AND cups of Vanilla Mocha Rooibos Tea together in the near future…

Disclaimer: Tea descriptions were taken from Carmien Tea’s website for accuracy.

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