Things to do in Cape Town in 48 Hours in Winter

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If you have ever wondered what the not-to-miss things to do in Cape Town are if you only had 48 hours then the short answer would be: 48 hours are simply not enough. The long answer is…

Well it is a long one; one filled with Capetonian cherry-on-top delights – so grab a pencil, pick a date and explore the Mother of all Cities, Cape Town.


Things to do in Cape Town in 48 Hours

If you are in the same kind of boat as me – an out-of-towner with no daily Table Mountain views – then chances are good that you want to see a side of Cape Town that you’ve never experienced before. Cape Town is a city of possibilities, a city of wonders and art and whether you want to spend your winter days cuddled up in front of a fire or visit the city’s Big 7 for the first time, one thing is certain: the mother ship is calling your name. Will you answer?

48 AFFORDABLE Hours in Cape Town

Cape Town can be a very affordable holiday destination and weekend break if you choose your things to do in Cape Town wisely – whether you are travelling on a student budget, a backpackers’ budget or a 30-something budget.

If I have learnt one thing from my frequent visits to Cape Town this year it is that you can’t rush through the Mother City. She is like fine wine. You need to take your time with her and instead of ticking things to see in Cape Town off a list, rather listen to the city and let the city be your guide. If she says stop and enjoy the sunset then you listen, stop and enjoy that sunset! She’s quite a wise one.

Things to do in Cape Town in 48 AFFORDABLE Hours

DAY 1 | Start your day bright and early, tie those shoe laces in double knots and experience the opposite side of Cape Town’s streets on a Reclaim Camissa Tour; a tunnel tour taking you through the tunnels of Cape Town from Deer Park all the way to the Castle of Good Hope. That’s right; you can have a below-the-city experience and learn about the natural and cultural history of the Mother City, the water system and the possible way forward to a more sustainable water future in Cape Town, according to RECLAIM CAMISSA’s vision. 

The Reclaim Camissa Tour will keep you entertained for more than 4 hours, and it is R550 per person for an ‘above and below’ tour (gum boots, guide and minivan transport back to the starting point at Deer Park and headlamps included).

things to do in Cape Town

You will surely wander up an appetite after your tunnel tour. Head to Haas Collective in Buitenkant Street (just a short 2 minute walk from the Castle) and grab a quick bite and shot of caffeine after you underground experience.

For your last stop of your first day consider Groot Constantia; a 330 year old wine estate where history, art and the love for good wine come together in the form of excellence. Join a cellar tour, get wine-cultured and visit the heritage sites before ending the night with a memorable meal paired with some of the finest wines from the vineyards at Simon’s Restaurant where a giant fire welcomes the cooler winter nights with open arms. 

Groot constantia things to do in Cape Town

DAY 2| After the previous day’s early start have a slower morning and enjoy a small hearty breakfast at Company’s Garden Restaurant for fresh baked goodness and a strong kick-starter-coffee.

Dwell around the markets at Greenmarket Square, listen to a bit of music and marvel at colonial and gothic architecture in the area before you make your way up to the Bo-Kaap at 10:30am.

There is nothing quite like a good old curry to beat the winter blues and a dash of colour to fuel your day. Join a Bo-Kaap cooking tour with Zainie – a Bo-Kaap local, resident and curry master with “strong community ties and a passion for preserving the Cape Malay culture”. The tour starts with a Bo-Kaap walking tour, a visit to the spice shop and then you’ll stop at Zainie’s home where she will give you a hands-on demonstration on how to mix your Masala and a 2-hour cooking lesson. After all your hard work in the kitchen you can enjoy your own craft (sit down lunch) and go home with pre-mixed Masala and a special booklet covering the cooking course.

things to do in cape town

With the Cape in your heart and the Malay in your belly stroll around the Sea Point Promenade and enjoy the company of friends, locals, dogs, bikers, skaters, runners, waves and art along the way. Make your way to Market on the Wharf at the V & A Waterfront and pick up some picnic treats before you venture up to Signal Hill to stand (or sit) united with other sunset chasers in awe of the sun as it paints the sky and disappears in the distance.

For 48 FREE Hours in Cape Town Consider…

Well, almost free.

But don’t fret or fear because the majority of your 48 FREE hours in Cape Town will keep your wallet safely tucked away in your pocket.

Things to do in Cape Town in 48 FREE Hours

• Sea Promenade Walk with Voicemap, a 47 minute/ 3 km tour straight from your smartphone to your ears.
• Views of Table Mountain and the harbour from Nobel Square and the sound of traditional music in the background at the V & A Waterfront’s main entrance.
• Join one of the three Free Walking Tours (90 minutes each) leaving from Greenmarket Square and explore the colourful Bo-Kaap, the history of Cape Town and District Six.
• Visit the Darling Street Flower Market.
• Head to Woodstock and experience the street art through another Voicemap Tour.
• Pack a picnic basket and relax in the Company Gardens in town.
• Go the Eastern Food Bazaar for inexpensive, delicious meals.

For accommodation you can book a dorm room or private room at Once, (prices start at R150) or have a local experience and find a host through Couchsurfing.

things to do in Cape Town

For your 48 FIRST Hours in Cape Town consider…

If it is your first time in Cape Town consider 48 MORE hours…

Visit the Cape Town Big 7 – Table Mountain Cableway, a City Walk, Robben Island, Cape Point, Kirstenbosch, Groot Constantia and the V & A Waterfront and you can also hop on one of the City Sightseeing Bus Tours to get around the city in an affordable and convenient way!

Whatever you do during your 48 hours in Cape Town make sure that you plan your next visit for 48 MORE hours in Cape Town.

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Disclaimer: This blog post was created in collaboration with Travel Concept Solution, Cheapflights and Cape Town Tourism for a #Blogathon, 48 Hours in Cape Town, campaign. A big thank you to Figure of 8 and Fusion Design for allowing me to use some images for this blog post.

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