On the road with a VW Tiguan

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As I got into the driver’s seat my hand reached for the handbrake.

“You press this to release the handbrake”, my friend said as she pointed to a lever-looking button with a light.

I’ll be damned. A button for a handbrake, what’s next?

VW Tiguan

Wanderlust in the VW Tiguan

The VW Tiguan was the perfect travel partner for a 48-hour getaway to the Langkloof; in fact, when I opened the Tiguan’s brochure the words on the first page resonated with the wanderlust pulsing through my veins.

“Expand your horizons’ horizons. It is a really big world out there. Adventures to be had, places to be explored, memories to be made. Life’s too short to stay at home. Whether you intend to seek out new experiences in the big, bright city or find yourself in Mother Nature’s wide open spaces, it’s all possible in the Tiguan.”

Yes. Yes. Yes!

I can go on and ramble about the engine’s capacity, the valves per cylinder and the torque, but I won’t…not because I don’t have a clue what it all means but because a video is worth more than a thousand words.

Have a look at what the VW Tiguan got up to this weekend in the Langkloof.

VW Tiguan Langkloof

Life is too short to stay at home..so I took a trip to the Langkloof. Expand your horizons’ horizons with the VW Tiguan!

I’m crushing hard on the VW Tiguan for a few reasons…


#1 – Boot Space

The Tiguan has ample boot space to fit in anything you need for a short getaway, a camping trip, or a long extended vacation (and I am pretty sure the boot will make a good bed…for plan B).

#2 – Powerful / Fast

Due to a lack of mechanical knowledge and appropriate car terminology I’ll just say the following: The VW Tiguan glides over hills with zero effort, it serenades the long road and when you put it in 6th gear the road can go on forever and always.

#3 – Fuel Consumption

Fuel-efficient is the word! It’s hard to believe that such a big and powerful vehicle can be so light on diesel.

#4 – Safety Features

VW takes pride in calling the safety of the Tigan 5-star and it is cleary 5-star with its Flat Tyre Indicator, Anti-theft Warning System, the Park Assist and Rear Assist and the Fatigue Detection; a system that can sense fading concentration levels.

#5 – BlueMotion

I’m all for making things better for the environment and through the VW Tiguan’s BlueMotion Technology the vehicle is more fuel-efficient and lower in emission, all without compromising on a truly thrilling experience.

#6 – Turbocharger and Compressor

Nope. Just kidding. I have absolutely no idea what the role of a Turbocharger and Compressor is. All I know is that the VW Tiguan is one outstanding vehicle (just as outstanding as the Turbocharger and Compressor).


Final Thoughts

The VW Tiguan is the kind of vehicle that connects you to the road you are on; it will get you from A to B but it will find adventure somewhere in between, it will make journeys from short drives and it will turn discoveries into lifelong memories. 

Life is too short to stay at home. Get up and get on the road.

If you are interested in the VW Tiguan stop by Tavcor Volkswagen today or visit a dealer near you.

Disclaimer: The trip to the Langkloof in the VW Tiguan was made possible by Tavcor Volkswagen. All opinions expressed are my own.

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