Meet Pax the Penguin

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Hello everyone!

My name is Pax and I’m a penguin.

Pax the penguin, SAMREC

I recently got adopted by a group of very nice people. I’ve heard that my new adoptive parents (there are so many of them) really love travelling; apparently they go to places, take photos, do research, talk to people and then write about it.

That’s really cool! I also love travelling. I did a lot more travelling when I was younger, but I got into a bit of trouble and that’s how I ended up here. I’m now an expat. A very happy expat.

Anyway, my new adoptive parents call themselves bloggers but I just call them my angels. They are all from South Africa, except one lady, she is an expat just like me. She visited my friends a few years ago and did a story about them on her blog, you should read it.

Sorry, I like to drift off-topic.

Did I mention that my new parents are really cool? Well, they are because they all joined their flippers (do humans have flippers?) to adopt me. Everyone made a contribution to give me and my brothers and sisters at SAMREC a better life.

By the way, before I go off-topic again, SAMREC is a marine rehabilitation and education centre in Port Elizabeth. It is also my home.

Now, I don’t know a lot about money because I usually deal in fish but it is R1500 to adopt a penguin and my parents divided the total and every person gave about R100. Some gave more and the end total was R2000. The extra R500 was a bonus, at first I thought that I would buy some sushi with it but then I decided to Penguin it Forward and share it with my brothers and sisters. They love sushi too.

I am so lucky to have so many parents. I now come from a mixed family (that’s so rad!). My parents are Allison, Ankia, Anje, Carla, Darren, Dawn, Dee, Di, Heather, Iga, KateLinda, Louise, Meruschka, Rose and Sara (I know my ABC’s).

So you probably wonder how I ended up at SAMREC and why I’m not travelling around in the ocean anymore?

Pax the penguin, SAMREC

Okay, so one cold afternoon in the middle of winter I was found on a beach in Blue Water Bay. My biological mommy and daddy took really good care of me but when I was 6 months old they struggled to find sushi to feed me…so they decided that I was old enough to look after myself.

I couldn’t understand what happened to all the sushi but mommy and daddy said something about boats. They were very sad when they told me about the boats because the boats came into our house and took things out of our kitchen.

Am I off-topic again?

So I was about 6 months old and tried very hard to find something to eat in our kitchen (our kitchen is quite big and all the penguins share one kitchen, humans call it ‘the ocean’). As I was going through the cupboards something sharp stabbed in my eye. It hurt so much. I got eye-aches and headaches. I couldn’t see anything from my right eye.

I tried but I couldn’t find anything in our kitchen. The sea was rough and the wind was howling (typical Port Elizabeth weather) so I gave up and sat on the beach.


A very nice human found me on the 18th of June 2014 and took me to SAMREC. I only weighed 1.90kg. The SAMREC people put something cool in my eye-less eye, it helped a lot with the pain. They also used their flippers to put a long round thing down my throat. That was weird. I didn’t like it at first…until I realised that the humans had put a bit of my kitchen through the pipe for me! It was a fish shake!

Fish shakes are SO delicious. Have you tried it yet? You take one part fish and two parts…

Sorry, there I go again. I will stay on topic from now on. Penguin Promise.

I spent a few weeks with pipes down my throat. The humans also looked after my eyeless eye. After my time in the hospital the SAMREC people moved me to the big pool when they saw that I could shallow a whole piece of sushi. In the big pool I made some new friends; I now call them my brothers and sisters because we all look the same (almost). Together we swim and go to dinner parties; some siblings play a bit rough but I keep my left eye on them (I’m smart, I know who to watch out for).

And that’s my story. I have so many people to thank; my biological parents taught me good values. I will never forget the man on the beach, I am forever grateful for all the humans in blue shirts at SAMREC and I also love my new parents, the bloggers.

Oh, and… (this is completely on topic).

I’m in a movie! Yes! Me, the one-eyed penguin is a movie star. I don’t have my own trailer and make-up team yet but I’m working on it. I’m taking small waddles at a time. Have you seen the video? I’m the one swimming on my side (0:05, 0:07; 0:15, 0:29). One of my adoptive parents said that’s when she fell in love with me; she was busy taking a video of my sibling and she waited for him to dive. He didn’t do it so I just thought I could entertain her! Guess what? It work! I got a bunch of new parents (and sushi, never forget the sushi).


SAMREC Port Elizabeth

SAMREC is a marine rehabilitation and education centre in the Cape Recife Nature Reserve in Port Elizabeth. At SAMREC a group of dedicated volunteers work around the clock to rescue marine birds, nurse them back to health and to educate the public about the plight of the African Penguin.

Thank you for listening to my story. I didn’t make any of it up, it is all true. Some information I got from researchers and some details I got from the other kind humans…so I Penguin Promise that this is not a one-sided story.

Now, don’t you think that’s a headline for a story? “One-eyed penguin tells a two-sided story”.

I told you I’m smart!

And there I go again. Sorry, I just love talking to humans.

My siblings also love humans. They love sushi too. The SAMREC humans need some of those money things to buy sushi for us. If you want to take us out to dinner it would be awesome. We have our own transport, don’t worry.

You can visit SAMREC at to find out how you can make a contribution to help us with sushi and also to help with the rehabilitation of other penguins. And you can also visit us!

YES! Come visit us! It will be so much fun! The blue shirt volunteers will tell you all about us and how we are an endangered specie.

Endangered means “seriously at risk of extinction”. Extinction means “when all members of a particular group die”.

Wait, WHAT?!


That’s sad.

Humans, promise you will help us?



Now I’m happy again!

Okay, come visit soon! I’m SO excited!

By the way, I just heard that humans don’t have flippers. They have these things called hands and there are 5 fingers on every hand.

That’s just weird.

How do you waddle?


If you want to read more about Penguin it Forward, a SAMREC adoption, click here.

Or if you want to know more about SAMREC (my home) on Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism’s blog, click here.

Lots of Love
Pax the Penguin


P.S. Thanks to lady who took my photos for this post, her name is Annemarie, she’s a photographer and one of the bloggers’ mothers. She and her husband also donated some sushi for my adoption.

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