A Year of #TravelPaperWordThing

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It’s a #TravelPaperWordThing.

A year ago I stood in an airport in South Korea. I was at the end of one journey and had another journey in front of me; I scribbled down a quote of Lao Tzu on a piece of paper, held it up and took a photo of it…


The next day I sat in a coffee shop in Kuala Lumpur and scribbled down another note but this time it was not a quote of someone else, but a few words from my own pen.

Then I arrived in Nepal and did the same – atop a mountain, in an old village and in front of a lake. I went back to Malaysia and scribbled a few more.

Nine pieces of paper later I arrived in South Africa and thought I should probably call it a thing to group it all together on Instagram and due to a lack of creativity in the moment the über long hashtag was born under my fingers: #TravelPaperWordThing.

It stuck.


#TravelPaperWordThing – One Year

Today marks a year of #TravelPaperWordThing – in 365 days I scribbled down 30 notes across six countries. And even though some notes got stolen and ideas got copied (I kid you not) this thing taught me actually so much about the moment.

It taught me quiet my mind in the moment.

It taught me to stay still in the moment.

It taught me to appreciate the moment.

It taught me to activate all my senses; to really see, smell, listen, taste, hear and feel the moment.

It taught me to be with the moment.

Today, to mark the one year mark of this thing, I lied flat on my stomach on the grass and just stayed still. I put my ear to the ground and listened, the words leaked onto the paper and just as I was about to take a photo a little *snail made a pit stop on top of my tiny globe.


“Ear on the ground
listen to the world’s sound.
Heartbeats, whispers and rhythm
all part of the journey within.”

Cheers! Cheers to all the moments; the moments from yesterday, the moments from today and the moments that will come tomorrow. 

If you want to see more of this #TravelPaperWordThing be sure to follow the hashtag on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) and have a look at the Travel Quotes gallery on my blog.

*Disclaimer: No animals were harmed in this photo…Mr. Snail willingly snailed around my globe and onto the paper; things got a bit slimy after this photo.

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