Bo-Kaap, South Africa – Bloggerella’s Tale

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Bo-Kaap, Bloggerella’s second adventure. 

Once upon a time Bloggerella went on a voyage to the Bo-Kaap, an other-worldly village in the heart of the Mother City.Bo-Kaap

Bloggerella tied her shoe laces, threw a bag on her back and got out an old map. She stumbled upon the green market and made her way through the cobblestone streets. Bloggerella huffed and puffed up a hill; the scorching summer sun turned his hot hands to her skin and a heavy bag rested on her back.


Perched on the slopes of a mystical hill, a vibrant village unfolded before her eyes. Little houses on the hillside; a green one and a pink one and a blue one and a yellow one. She looked at every house uniquely shaped and coloured by time. She touched the culturally transformed walls and stepped into a historic puddle of heartfelt stories and tales.


Under the blazing sun Bloggerella quietly explored the maze of bricks and colour. She peeked at the bright shadows and kept an ear to the ground; a call of prayer echoed through the alleys and children cheerfully played outside. The smell of masala filled the air with generation-to-generation recipes and bygone stories of evil masters and wicked world orders lingered around the corners.


Bloggerella walked and explored, listened and talked, saw and smelled. She bid the Bo-Kaap village adieu; a village filled with little houses; green, pink, blue and yellow. A village with a past and villagers hopeful for a preserved, heritage-filled future.  

Down the hill she went and behind the colourful houses and cobblestone streets she spotted a community torn apart by gold, a community invaded and misunderstood. She spotted a community still searching, still pleading, for their ‘forever’ and ‘happy ever after’.

The end.


Bo-Kaap, a Side Note…

The Bo-Kaap has a rich history, a heartbreaking past and an endangered present and future due to the ongoing gentrification (read more about the recent threat to the heritage of the Bo-Kaap, a proposal for a residential and commercial complex, here). 

If you love taking photos then don’t miss a trip to the Bo-Kaap! The shadows on the colourful walls caught my eye during my most recent visit to Cape Town and intrigued me more than anything else. Please remember that there are still people living in the houses; don’t shove your camera in anyone’s face, chat before you snap.

Respect the people and the identity of the Bo-Kaap. 

Don’t miss the…

  • Bo-Kaap museum for a bit of history;
  • Bo-Kaap Kombuis for a traditional Cape Malay meal; and
  • Bo-Kaap Food and Craft Market for some shopping.
  • VoiceMap Audio Guided Tour of the Bo-Kaap, created by Bo-Kaap local and tour guide, Shereen Habib, for a memorable self-walk tour. You can download the guide on your phone via VoiceMap, a South African company that creates GPS activated audio guides).

Directions: How to get to Bo-Kaap

From Greenmarket Square head up straight to Burg Street until you reach Wale Street (Waal). At Wale Street turn right and when you get to the Hilton Hotel the Bo-Kaap is in front of you. If you don’t want to explore on your own you can join a free walking tour.

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