Modern Toilet in Taipei

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Modern Toilet in Taipei has been on the radar of my themed café obsession before I even became addicted to coffee or obsessed with themed cafes. I talked about this place for five years and the dream lived on in my imagination, vividly. I imagined sitting on the modern toilet eating poop-shaped and poop-coloured ice cream, I imagined drinking out of a urinal and eating out of a toilet bowl, I imagined talking in code brown and sharing inside stories…

(As weird as all of this may sound, I promise it’s all clean fun and more importantly, clean food).

And then one day I cut the crap, stopped imagining and jumped on a plane to Taiwan to sit on a toilet in Ximending next to other crapologists and pootricians.

Modern Toilet in Taipei

Modern Toilet in Tapei – The Potty’s Background

Modern Toilet in Taipei all started with chocolate ice cream in squat-like containers. The poopmasters opened a restaurant (Marton Restaurant) in 2004 and caused a surprising stir and interest among the Taiwanese. In 2006 the name changed to Modern Toilet and today there are Modern Toilet restaurants all over Taiwan as well as the rest of Asia.Modern Toilet in Taipei

A Brownie for a Townie

As I sat down on my modern toilet in Taipei’s busy Ximending district the other seats quickly filled up with more poo-chasers. Smartphones snapped away throughout the night, poop-shaped fiberglass ornaments became hats and all the hush-hush bathroom talk went down the drain.

Modern Toilet in Taipei

Modern Toilet in Taipei is anything but a load of crap – the place is real, the theme is shitty and the experience is all up in your business of porcelain. The restaurant is about the toilet; it’s all about the experience, not the food. It’s about the photos, the jokes and the camaraderie of your fellow poo-chasers.

Modern Toilet’s Menu

The menu offered a variety of dishes and sets; if the container or plate was not bathroom-related then it was the shape of the food that dropped the bomb. Meals and sets were anything between NTS200 and NTS500 and it ranged from french fries to cutlets and hot pots.

Modern Toilet in Taipei

Drop by Modern Toilet when you are in Taipei. You might not remember the place for years to come because of the food but you’ll definitely remember it for the strange decor. A toilet will never be the same again!

This Way to the Bathroom – Modern Toilet in Taipei

Modern Toilet is located in the Wanhua District, Lane 50, Xining S Road. You can get there from Ximen Metro Station (exit 6). Click here to visit their website for more info!

Modern Toilet in Taipei

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