Little India in Singapore – A Fairy Tale

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Little India in Singapore: a blog post that’s long overdue about my visit to Singapore the beginning of October 2015.

Little India in Singapore – A Fairy Tale in a Land Far, Far Away.

Once upon a time Bloggerella got on a carriage to a land far, far away. The journey was long, the trek was tiring; she crossed through the woods, over the oceans and through the clouds until she reached a tiny little village in the east called, Singapore.

Bloggerella cautiously stepped out into the dark to explore the mega-city with its modern concrete, giant skyscrapers and futuristic technology. The kings and queens gathered in suits and silk under towering castles and in long black coaches.

Little India in Singapore

Bloggerella liked the glitz and glamour but she knew she didn’t belong. She had a hole in her heart and searched for something else, she had a hole in her shoe who told her what to do.

12046768_10153769076007783_2852787219457881993_nIn a gentle voice, the shoe said: “Follow your heart Bloggerella and find the magic tunnel that runs under the village. In the magic tunnel you’ll find a magic horse. Get on and carry on until you reach a treasure of a rainbow of colours in an enchanting place called Little India”.

Bloggerella found the secret passageway to the tunnel and in she went; down, down, down…until she found the magic horse and off they galloped into the sunset to find the treasure.

The colours of Little India in Singapore hit her heart straight away.

Little India in Singapore

She felt happy and twirled around and around in Little India. The villagers welcomed her with friendly smiles; flowers surrounded her and fresh vegetables grew lusciously in the gardens of the streets.

Little India in Singapore

She found a tiny quaint palace in Little India in Singapore. The palace was built with sweet dreams, crafted in joy and constructed with shimmering stardust. Bloggerella walked around the palace.

Little India in Singapore

One, two, what do you do?
Three, four, you open the door.
Five, six, a wish you mix.
Seven, eight, leave it to fate.

Little India in Singapore

As she walked around the palace she rubbed the walls and the wizard of Little India in Singapore appeared.


With a wand in his hand he said: “You should go Bloggerella and you should explore. Go on and find the house of Breyani, go on and find the princess of art, go on and find shimmers and shine. Go on until you reach the end of the road and search for the window of opportunity.

Little India Singapore

After a feast of Breyani, a touch of art and some shimmers and shine, Bloggerella found the window of opportunity.

After the first window she found a few more.

Little India

The Windows are the Eyes to the soul of Little India in Singapore.

Little India in Singapore

Bloggerella roamed the streets and the little alleys with her head held up high.

The windows revealed the energy of Little India and a peek into the soul of Singapore. The windows reflected the past and portrayed the brave spirits and soft-spoken hearts. The windows sketched, in colonial shutters and shades, the vibrant mix of Eastern culture against the backdrop of mayhem in a modern mega-city of Asia.

Little India

Window after window Bloggerella explored and then, at the end of the road, she found a tunnel which lit up the dark dark sky and the smile on her face.

The never-ending tunnel celebrated the triumph of light over darkness; in bright colours and flickering lights it dazzled the night. Eternal and forever gathered their hearts and off they went down the road, hand-in-hand, happily ever after. 

The end.


Little India was my absolute favourite part of Singapore; the colours, food and people made it feel like a completely different country. If you get the chance to visit Singapore, don’t miss Little India – go on, get a henna tattoo, have a chat with a local vendor, buy some fresh produce, eat Indian food and explore all the nooks and crannies of this vibrant district in the heart of Singapore.

Have you ever visited Singapore? What is your best memory of the city?

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