Temple Cats in Thailand

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There are a lot of temples in Thailand and there are a lot of cats chilling at a lot of temples in Thailand. 

Some of the cats were “donated” to the temples, others are the result of late night cat dates in dark alleys and since Buddism is an animal-friendly religion they can’t exactly say no to more felines joining the monastery.

Animals are said to be conscious only of the present. They live with no concern for the past or future and while some of these cats hail from a previous life of starvation and abuse it is quite obvious that they’ve reached a certain level of enlightenment at the Buddhist temples in Thailand…

Temple Cats in Thailand


Some are really attentive.


Some are daydreaming about the perfect mouse.


Some are on guard.


Some are praying at the temple.


Some are just too beautiful.


Some prefer chairs.


Some prefer tables.


Some are chilling in green meadows.

temple cats in thailand

Some are master sleepers.


Some are models strutting on the catwalk.

Cats 9

Some are very serious about personal hygiene.

And others are just a bit shy.

At some temples in Thailand there are donation boxes for dog food, I haven’t seen anything about donations for cat food yet. If you visit a temple and you feel like feeding a few cats you can always find a monk, ask about the cats’ situation and donate a bag of cat food. The majority of the cats were acting just like any normal house cat would act; sleepy, lazy and playful and even the scaredy cats looked healthy and happy.

Last Thoughts

At some temples in Thailand (and in other Asian countries) visitors can buy birds and free the birds from the cages. DO NOT participate in this. By paying someone to free a bird you are contributing to the capturing of birds. It’s an unfortunate reality that these birds will stay in the cages for longer if you, or someone else, do not free them, but if not why, when? If people don’t stop supporting this, when will it end?

The sign on the left was at the same temple where the lady on the right were selling her birds.


I would love to hear your thoughts about the cats, dogs and birds at Thailand’s temples.

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