Women’s Day – Let’s Remember the Bad Asses

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Today we celebrate national Women’s Day in South Africa; a day commemorating all the women who have marched to the Union Buildings in Pretoria in 1956 in protest against the apartheid laws.

We commemorate the bad asses from the fifties; the women who stood up for what they believed in, those who said no to oppression, those who said yes for justice, those who said hell yeah to being a woman.

We pay tribute to the daughters, the sisters, the wives and the mothers. We pay tribute to those who have marched before us, those walking among us and those who will step after us.

“Wathinta abafazi, wathint’ imbokodo.”
“When you strike a woman, you strike a rock.”

(Zulu saying used during the protests of 1956).

women's day

And while we remember those who have marched before us let’s remember the women of today – the women who invent, manage and lead; the extraordinary entrepreneurs, visionary scientists and influential activists. Let’s remember the ground shakers, decision makers and risk takers.

Let’s salute the women who are not afraid to travel and make their way across oceans and through continents. Let’s be in awe of those who conquer daring mountain peaks, go on journeys, find themselves and lose themselves. Let’s celebrate the fearless, the courageous and the grounded; all those who are determined, impulsive and bold.

Let’s bow to the women who exude confidence and dare to be different, the women who are independent, intelligent and speak their minds. Let’s acknowledge the women who are not slaves to society, the women who are not defined by others, not afraid to exist alone and those who know their worth.

Let’s recognise the daughters, the sisters, the wives and the mothers; let’s acknowledge their strength, their greatness and energy.

Let’s commemorate the bad asses from our time; the women who stand up for their rights, those who say no unapologetically, those who say yes wholeheartedly and those who say f*ck yeah to being a powerful force, because when you strike a woman, you strike a rock.

Women's day

Inspiring Ladies From Around The World

Also known as my Favourite Female Bad Asses:

Anna Huges – Cyclist and environmentalist from England and author of “Eat Sleep Cycle” (www.annacycles.uk).

Chrstina Kaaloa – Hawaiian solo traveller, blogger and vlogger with excellent travel survival tips and tricks (www.grrrltraveler.com).

Dawn Jorgensen – A travel writer based in South Africa, earth advocate and passionate about conservation. (www.incidentaltourist.com).

Di Brown – A South African travel writer and map maker, also known as a Ninja (www.jabedi.com).

Heather Mason – An American writer living in South Africa and blogging about her South African life (www.2Summers.net).

Ineke Overbeek – A Dutch female cyclist taking the world by storm on two wheels (www.inekefietst.wordpress.com).

Jean – Australian travel blogger, horse rider and adventure racer (www.travelinghoneybird.com).

Jin – A Korean girl cycling around the world and blogging in Korean and English (www.en.universewithme.com).

Juno Kim – A photographer and travel writer from South Korea seeking adventure across the world. (www.runawayjuno.com).

Katie Featherstone – A travel blogger from England travelling on a budget with a dysfunctional internal compass (www.featherytravels.com).

Kamala Pun – A mountaineer and female trekking guide in Nepal (www.kamalapun.tumblr.com).

Lauren Manuel – A South African Travel Writer covering the globe from north to south (www.thetravelmanuel.com).

Leana Niemand – A South African who has been on the road with her bicycle for over 8 years (www.leananiemand.org.za).

Meruschka Govender – A South African Travel blogger and activist with a soft spot for Johannesbrug (www.mzansigirl.com).

Mirjam Wouters – A dutch girl embracing life on two wheels (www.cyclingdutchgirl).

Rose Greyling Bilbrough – A South African road tripper, wanderer and explorer (www.gotravelbugsa.wordpress.com).

Roxanne Reid – A South African writer passionate about African travel and wildlife (www.roxannereid.co.za).

Ladies, I salute you!

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