Willowmore, South Africa – Not Just a Quickie

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Willowmore is the last touch of civilisation for many explorers en route to Baviaanskloof; a mega reserve with remarkable ecosystem diversity. It’s the last Karoo pit stop where petrol tanks, supplies and cooler bags get filled up. Modern day conveniences are left behind and visitors bid their 3G connections farewell with a last Facebook update and Whatsapp goodbye. But as travellers make their way down into the narrow gorges of the Baviaans Willowmore stretches its arms with a morning yawn – ready for the day; ready to offer more than just a quick pit stop.


Willowmore – Not Just a Quickie

Willowmore in the early morning hours is magical – the sun glows in shades of golden glory on tree-lined-streets. Beaming rays touch the mountains and hints to life blooming into the hours of the day. The town stretches its arms with a morning yawn and an offering. An offering of a bouquet of sights for those left behind, for those who stayed a little bit longer to see more than just a pit stop.


Things to do in Willowmore

In Willowmore, seeing is doing. 

Find the Friendly Cacti

The friendly Cacti smiles will be the perfect start to your day.
Hint: it’s on the corner of Wehmeyer Street and a gravel road.


Old Jewish Church & Cemetry

More than 100 years ago Willowmore had a thriving Jewish Community – today the synagogue can still be viewed (from the outside) and visitors can connect the dots at the Jewish cemetery.



If you’re feeling a bit *Kapoet, stop and get your fix of caffeine and South African treats at Kapoet in Willowmore’s main street.


Red Pedestrian Bridge

This bridge prominently stands in the centre of town and was used during floods. 

Willowmore Red Pedestrian Bridge


Browse for bygone items at the Antique Shop on the corner or fix your eyes on the sea of old trinkets at Sophie’s Choice.

Sophie’s Choice

Sophie’s Choice is a unique themed cafe in South Africa and should not be missed when cruising through Willowmore. 

Willowmore Sophie Choice

Walking into the cafe is like walking between the pages of a timeworn Edwardian novel. Vintage mannequins are perkily perched on the roof while the decor on the inside holds stories of rare traditional pieces collected over time.

Sophie’s Choice offers something for collectors to curios minds. Old books are stacked with bygone dust classically trapped between the pages while forgotten ink from handwritten letters disappeared a long time ago.

Willowmore Sophie Choice

As you turn the pages of your Edwardian Novel you find yourself in a Colonial and Victorian romance with a backdrop of baroque furniture, dresses, battered shoes and chandeliers.

Willowmore Sophie Choice

Sophie’s Choice in Willowmore is a head turner. Besides the collectibles from the past, visitors find themselves in a restaurant of the present offering eats and treats to satisfy every appetite. 

Willowmore Sophie Choice

Other things to do and see in Willowmore:

  • Hiking / 4×4 on Aasvoëlberg 
  • Explore Baviaanskloof
  • Willow Limo Donkey Car Rides
  • Historical Boer Graveyard
  • Blackstone Power Station
  • Wonderboom
  • Pierre Ferreira Hiking Trail

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Have you ever been to Willowmore? What did you think of Sophie’s Choice and what did you enjoy in this upbeat Karoo town?

*Kapoet – Afrikaans slang for ‘tired’ or ‘exhausted’.

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