Nepal Earthquake – First Thoughts

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Tonight my heart is sore.

I can’t function. I can’t focus.

Tears have welled up in my eyes countless times today.

I have hit refresh on the live update too often.

I have checked my phone for a message or something from those I know.

But nothing.


I see photos of rubble. Photos of places that were the ancient temples I visited a few weeks ago.

I read stories of devastation. Stories of people trapped, stories about the fear that another one might struck in a few hours.

I feel a pain deep within my soul.

An earthquake with a magnitude of 7.9 hit Nepal a few hours ago.


People are trapped on Everest Base Camp. People are trapped under rubble. People are searching for loved ones. Loved ones are searching for their people.

I think about the girl in Bhaktapur who did the Mehndi (Henna) tattoo on my hand. Is she okay? What about her mother who rubbed mustard oil all over my hand?

What about her mother’s friend who stopped by to have a look at the two foreign girls in the little side street shop. Is she okay as well?

I think about my Nepali family in Kathmandu at the hotel. They have to be okay. They are family!

I think about my guide, my friend, Kamala. I don’t think she is trekking at the moment, but is she in Kathmandu or is she in Pokhara now?

I think about the guy who showed us around in Bhaktapur city. He lives in Bhaktapur. Is he safe?

What about the boys who scammed me? They had me angry for a few minutes but they are just kids!

And the orphanage I visited in Kathmandu? Oh please. Let them be safe!

What about Mila who showed us how to make momos?

And the guy who greeted me every morning, the people at the breakfast place who knew all too well I had a coffee addiction, the woman at the shop, her baby. Where are they?

An earthquake with a magnitude of 7.9 hit Nepal a few hours ago. And it feels like it’s still hitting me.

May families stay together, may rescue workers find miracles, may midnight pass peacefully, may there be no more aftershocks. May the people at base camp find a way out and a way down. And may Nepal, in all the chaos and heartache, find peace.nepal earthquake

If you want to support and help during the devastating time of the Nepal Earthquake make sure you know where your money is going to.

I’m supporting Horac Orphanage, an orphanage I visited during my time in Nepal. Donations can be made to Horac via PayPal (more details on their website –

If you want to support another cause, visit

Another cause is COHI; they are helping moms, babies, and healthcare workers.

My thoughts are also with those affected by the earthquake in Tibet, Bangladesh and India.

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