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While researching about trekking in Nepal I thought to myself, How cool would it be if I can find a female trekking guide in Nepal?

I immediately punched in a few key terms to start my Google search and stumbled upon a blog mentioning someone named Kamala Pun, an independent female trekking guide in Nepal.

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I visited Kamala Pun’s website and I was so impressed that I didn’t even bother to look at any other companies or any other guides. Her website was informative, her Tripadvisor reviews were all positive and her photos had the ability to put anyone in the mood to sweat on a mountain.

I wanted this woman to be my trekking guide in Nepal. No one else. I wanted Kamala Pun.

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We started to exchange e-mails about a month and a half before my trek. Kamala answered every single silly question I had within a few hours, gave me a very detailed itinerary, checked in on me when I arrived in Nepal and eventually when I got to Pokhara we met for coffee.

The next day we were in a Jeep for hours on our way to the starting point of the Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek.

The trek was out of this world with heavenly views and I have Kamala Pun to thank for it. I encourage any female travellers (especially the solo travellers) to hire Kamala as their guide because…

Reasons to hire Kamala Pun as your Female Trekking Guide in Nepal

It’s Personal

When you go through a big company you rarely meet your guide (or exchange e-mails) before the start of your trek. As mentioned before, Kamala answered all of my questions and I got to meet her before the beginning of my trek.

It Can Be Flexible

Trekking with Kamala offers you flexibility during your trek to alter the days, the distance or even the route where possible.

She’s Experienced

Kamala is experienced and has been a guide for 8 years. When you ask her about the road ahead she can tell you exactly what it looks like and how long it should take. Want to go to Poon Hill, Langtang, Annapurna or Everest Base Camp? She knows.

She’s Responsible

She is a very responsible guide, has first-aid knowledge and it’s always safety first.


At one time during the trek I called her a “walking library”. She educated me about the region’s fauna and flora, about the culture and the country. She knows a lot (or maybe even everything) about Nepal. I was curious about the little things and she could answer and explain everything I wondered about.

It’s Comfortable

As a female travelling solo it’s just more comfortable to have a female guide with you. She makes you feel at ease all the time.

More than a Guide

I quickly realised that Kamala is more than just a female trekking guide in Nepal. She took care of me like a mother, she asked about my ankle like a nurse and she chatted to me like a friend.

She’s Independent

When you hire someone via a company you pay the company and the guide gets a small cut. When you hire an independent guide there is no big boss taking a big cut. I’m very supportive of hiring independent guides; they are the people putting in the hard work, the hours of sweat and they have all the responsibility on them, they deserve to get the whole cut.

She’s Interesting

Kamala has a big, wonderful, caring heart. She is compassionate; she’s fun and an interesting person always ready to learn a new word in a new language.

One more reason

Hire Kamala Pun as your female trekking guide in Nepal. If you don’t, you’ll miss out on SO much.

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I spent six days trekking with Kamala. After the trek Kamala invited me to her house and cooked delicious Dal Bhat for me. We bonded over music, languages and customs and traditions from different countries. We spent a day exploring Pokhara and going off the tourist path, we drank coffee, we laughed, we walked, talked and ate.

Eventually I left and had to say goodbye to my female trekking guide in Nepal.

Not only did I say goodbye to my guide. I said goodbye to Kamala. I said goodbye to a friend.

Check out her website: www.kamalapun.tumblr.com

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