Let’s make Momos in Nepal

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Momos in Nepal

Momos in Nepal are similar to Chinese dumplings. These dumplings are stuffed with almost any type of meat or vegetable, the perfect amount of Momo Masala and a few sprinkles of other local spices. Dal Bhat and Momos are probably two of the most famous dishes in the mountainous, roof-of-the-world country, Nepal.

Momos are on every menu, in every kitchen and on everyone’s tongue and to visit Nepal without getting your Momo on would be a shame.


I had the chance to learn how to make Momos in Nepal via the wonderful initiative of withlocals.com – a service where locals get the chance to share their talent and passion with travellers from all around the world.

I contacted Mila (the host) and within a few minutes we had it all set up. Two days later I arrived on her doorstep with a fellow traveller from Taiwan, ready to make Momos in Nepal with her family.
IMG_5915The family of three welcomed us with open arms and overwhelming friendliness. Within in the first few minutes it felt as if we were part of the family. Mila, the thoughtful mother, cooked us some pre-momo chicken and Subash, the friendly father, shared some Nepalese whisky brewed by their family while the seven-year-old, Shuvashis, played in his room.

Before our arrival they did all the hard work and preparations – vegetables were cleaned and cut into precision, everything was neatly laid out. On our menu were three kinds of Momos; vegetable Momo, meat Momo and chocolate Momo!  They added a little bit of this, a little bit of that and the smell of Momo masala spread throughout the kitchen. Patiently they showed us how to wrap a Momo and patiently we tried and failed, but after a few attempts we got the hang of it – almost.

IMG_5917The Momos were steamed and some were fried. It was like biting into a ball of flavour, bursting with the perfect combination of salt and spice. We dipped the Momos in a special sauce, made by Mila herself, consisting mainly of tomato, peanuts and lemon. Momos kept piling onto our plates – meat Momos, vegetables Momos, chocolate Momos – and we kept eating until we said with full satisfied tummies: “Momo no more”.

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This experience was so much more than any other ordinary cooking class – it was like spending time with family; joking and chatting around the dinner table, sharing stories and ideas.

If you are ever in Nepal (or anywhere in Asia), get a more personalised experience form your trip and go local with withlocals.com.

IMG_5952Thank you to Mila, Subash and Shuvashis for being part of some of my best Nepalese memories.

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