Funny Moments while Teaching in Korea

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They say that it’s the small things and moments that contribute the most to your life. When you are an expat it’s those little things that carry the most weight; the unexpected conversations, the random meetings and strange sights.

It’s safe to say that you get an extra dose of crazy when you teach English to Korean students in rural areas. I’ve had more random and what-the-hell-just-happened experiences during my past year in and around Andong than during the three years I spent teaching in Gyeongju.

These are all experiences that made my year – some had me in stitches and some just left me puzzled.


Hide & Seek


This student played hide and seek with himself. Multiple times. Sometimes he would hide on the bookshelf behind a poster and other times he would cover himself with dustbins.

No. You didn’t.


After my colleague wrote this on the classroom’s board I knew that it was time to explain the difference between “in” and “with”  to him.

Let it go!


While doing a lesson about shopping the following happened when I introduced a key phrase:
Me: Do you want anything else?
Student A: Else?
Student B: Elsa?
Student C: Do you wanna build a snowman?

Thanks, Frozen. Thanks.

F*ck English.


Well, at least this person was honest and there are no spelling mistakes.

Bird Shit

While waiting for my Friday lift club to a school in the middle of nowhere my colleague pointed to a spot on a car and asked “bird dung?”
We had a lovely 8am-discussion about dung, poop, shit, poo and faeces. 

Don’t touch it!


To this day I still have no idea why I was not allowed to touch (or write on) the whiteboard of that class. 

Teacher’s pet.


“Teacher, look! This is my pet.”

And finally…


There is always that one student!

20140922_145204“I think it’s important to find the little things in everyday life that make you happy.”

Paula Cole

I’m thankful for all the little Korean gems – my life, and the year in Andong, would have been so boring without them.

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