25 Signs that you are a Travel Addict

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Are you happily infected by the travel bug? Have you been bitten by wanderlust, getting lost and exploring random places? Do you crave your next fix, constantly maneuvering and planning your way to go on the next trip? Congratulations, you’ve just been diagnosed as a Travel Addict.


• You are strangely attracted to anything that represents a map or a globe.
• Your house is filled with souvenirs from all over the world.
• Others see your travel bracelets around your wrist or ankle as “unprofessional in the workplace”; you see it as a memento and a way to carry that country with you for as long as you can.
• You start your day with checking for cheap flights, browsing maps, blogs and getting lost on Google Earth.
• You don’t get homesick, you get “travel sick” once you return home.
• Your bucket list is filled with countries you want to visit.
• You prefer to live out of a backpack.
• You are always thinking of the next trip.
• You know the time zones of at least a dozen countries by heart.
• You can convert a dollar into at least a dozen different currencies.
• The only reason you work is to afford your next big trip.
• You don’t see the point of long term investments.
• You see “single and childless” as a big benefit and privilege.
• You prefer being an expat than being a local.
• You’ve tried the normal 8-5, but didn’t last very long.
• “Into the Wild” and “The Art of Travel” are probably two of your favourite movies.
• Routine scares you.
• You convert the price of whatever you need to buy into what you can do with that money while traveling.
• You’ve said “If only I can have Anthony Bourdain’s job” at least once.
• Food poisoning is normal for you.
• You’ve set up a Google Alert for “Travel Competitions”.
• You’re greedy when it comes to vacation days: LESS IS DEFINITELY NOT MORE.
• The last 5 minutes before you fall asleep all you can think about is your travel plans.
• Getting lost excites you.
• You can relate to almost every travel quote out there.

Travel is our drug of choice. Keep on dreaming, keep on exploring. Stay an addict!

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