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It's no secret that I'm addicted to I try to find the unusual coffee spots, themed cafes, restaurants and delicious street food wherever I go. 

Modern Toilet in TaipeiModern Toilet in Taipei

Modern Toilet in Taipei has been on the radar of my themed café obsession before I even became addicted to coffee or obsessed with themed cafes. I talked about this place for five years and the dream lived on in my... Read More

Cabbages and CondomsCabbages and Condoms in Bangkok

I turned my fingers to Google, flicked from one page to the next and came across a themed restaurant in Bangkok’s Sukhumvit district named Cabbages and Condoms. The name alone suggested that this restaurant was one of a... Read More


starbung19Mr. Star Bung from Thailand

The green signboard proudly pinned to a wall on Phra Athit Road in Bangkok caught my eye. The O.K Star Bung name and the long-armed man on the logo rang a loud bell. Bits and pieces of a newspaper article came flashing back to me...Read More


Iewer Nice BloemfonteinIewers Nice in Bloemfontein

I visited one of my oldest friends in Bloemfontein a few weeks ago and as we were driving around the town of my alma mater, she turned to me and said: “I’m going to take you to Iewers Nice”...Read More


Willowmore Sophie ChoiceSophie's Choice - Willowmore

Sophie’s Choice is a unique themed cafe in South Africa and should not be missed when cruising through Willowmore. Walking into the cafe is like walking between the pages of a timeworn Edwardian novel. Vintage... Read More

IMG_8386Wheelers Coffee - Georgetown, Penang

"Wheeler’s Coffee in Georgetown, Penang is more than a coffee shop. It’s a place where someone’s passion is visible in the details of the walls, the food and the decorations. It’s visible inside and out, top to bottom, left to..." Read More

Themed Cafes in Seoul, Hongdae, Coffee, Korea, South KoreaThemed Cafes in Seoul

"I recently went on a coffeecation in search of some of the coolest Themed Cafes in Seoul. I roamed the streets, walked myself silly in circles and found a lot of über cool Themed Cafes. Some cafes I were not too fond of, some ..." Read More

BH14Bau House in Seoul

"A few weeks ago I visited the Cat Cafe in Daegu to cure my CCWS (Cat Cuddling Withdrawal Syndrome), but this time my DCWS syndrome surfaced. To cure my DCWS (Dog Cuddling Withdrawal Syndrom) I visited the Bau..." Read More

Coffee Project in Seoul, Seoul, South Korea, Coffee, Coffee ProjectCoffee Project in Seoul

"A Unique Coffeegasm Experience at Coffee Project in Seoul The Coffee Project in Seoul is a dream laboratory for any barista and a dream feast for any coffee lover. There are  dozens of different beans, bottles, aeropress coffee makers..." Read More

Cat cafe, cat, cafe, coffee, shop, Daegu, South Korea, koreCat Cafe Daegu

"I’m not a cat person. I’m also not a dog person. I’m an animal person. Give me a cat, a dog, a bird, a hamster or tell my inner African child to pet an elephant’s butt and I’ll do it with a smile on my face  (Just don’t give me a bunny; I think they are evil..." Read More

dDinner in South Korea

It’s Monday. Today is a special day. It’s the first day of the new semester – a new school year, new students and new teachers. The day started with a lot of bowing, smiles and a “manaseo bangapsimnida”…Read More

KoreanbestfoodsecondKorean Food: 10 of the Best Dishes

Korean culture greatly revolves around the cuisine of the Peninsula – there is food for every special occasion, a story behind every meal and a specific location for most dishes. It goes from spicy to savoury to fresh, it… Read More

20140418_201355secondThe Power of Soju

It’s just after 7 o’clock in the morning and I’m on my way to the bus stop. I pass a few vendors setting up shop under multi-coloured umbrellas. The smell of apples, Asian pears cucumbers and bananas fills…Read More