Tips, Tales and Tidbits from the seat of a bicycle!

Bicycle TravelMy Why, What, Where and When of Travelling by Bicycle

When I think about the first time I loaded a bicycle with panniers and peddled off to my first destination, alarms go off. I bought a bicycle and all the gear without… Read More

Questions Bicycle 3Dumb Questions about Travelling by Bicycle

I’ve heard some good questions about the ins and outs of travelling by bicycle and some of those answers I still don’t know. But this blog post was inspired by some of the… Read More

DSCF2195Myths about Travelling by Bicycle

You see someone with a loaded bicycle touring around, going from country to country , pedaling with a smile on their face and you think: “damn that looks awesome; I want to do it too!”. But before you can even… Read More