“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself” – George Bernard Shaw

Hi and welcome!

I’m a travel writer and blogger based in Port Elizabeth who is Going Somewhere Slowly all over the world; a travel addict, a coffee junkie, a social media devotee and a word enthusiast who enjoys experiencing the nooks and crannies of our wonderful world in slow motion, sometimes from the seat of a bicycle. I’m a solo globetrotter, occasionally sarcastic and a South African living in the Eastern Cape. Hi. I’m Anje. 


Somehow this blog became my job. Not this blog per se, but that’s where it all started, that day I decided to buy the domain in 2012 and turn one terrible-looking template (at that time) into my blog.

I write, edit and create content for a living – here, there, online, in print, on multiple websites, under other names, on social media, in marketing proposals, in collaborations, in web copy, in consultations and of course, on my favourite place, my blog. 

Do I you get paid to travel?

No, no one is that lucky. 

I don’t get paid to travel, I get paid to work.

If you want to work together, please don’t hesitate to contact me at anje@goingsomewhereslowly.com for my full media kit.

But if you want to work together please keep in mind that:
a) So far, all of my blog posts have been written by me and I don’t accept guest blog posts and I don’t publish press releases.
b) I love animals and I will never ever visit/attend/get involved with any establishment etc. offering/doing unethical animal activities.
c) I am not a luxury traveller and to stay true to my audience I focus my attention on the accommodation and activities that I can afford or the things I wish to afford in the future. 
d) I really don’t like wine and I’m also not a foodie, but I’ll be happy to refer you to some excellent bloggers who do understand and appreciate food and wine.

If you are still not tired of me and want to hear how it all started, please read on…

Anje RautenbachThe craziness and desire to travel started from a very young age. I went from the backseat of my parents’ VW kombi to leaving South Africa in 2009 to explore Asia.

According to the embellished letters on a piece of paper I’m a Language Practitioner by qualification, but I’m actually a traveller by heart.

I picked up the travel bug quite fast – the unknown intrigued me and I got mesmerised by different smells, cultures, food, languages and adventures. I explored beautiful places around the world and developed a personal mantra to dream, explore and discover the world in slow motion.

The truth is: Travel changed me.

And I still want more. I still need more. More change, more education, more culture. I realised that I have a serious case of wanderlust, AnjeRautenbach2everlasting itchy feet and an adventurous heart to explore the unknown.

Travelling is a lifestyle for me and writing is my passion. Words are my fuel and Social Media adds to the warmth of that digital fire. I try to be a responsible traveller; I only pet humans and I quite enjoy licking trees. My heart gets excited for street art, small towns and caffeine and passionately pumps for sustainable, wildlife and cultural tourism as well as cycling adventures. 

I’m quite fond of a good cup of coffee (okay fine, maybe a little bit addicted)…

Join me on this journey – where I will explore the world in slow motion – wherever it may lead. Follow my ramblings on Twitter stalk me on Instagram and join me on Facebook for more!

I would love to hear from you! Please send an e-mail to anje@goingsomewhereslowly.com

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