Where to sleep? My Top Picks from 2017

The year 2017 saw me sleeping around a bit; due to work, media and other trips I moved from one bed to the next and I thought why not compile a list of where to sleep based on my sleeping experiences during the past year?

The 2017-edition of where to sleep

In no particular order, here is a tried-and-tested 2017 list of where to sleep during your next vacation, weekend getaway or a business trip. No wait, that’s a lie. Unless your business is off the beaten business path, these stays – or rather its locations – are not for business travellers (except for those business travellers who ran away from corporate and want to hide out for a few days. We won’t tell anyone, promise.)

All accommodation were chosen from the various places I stayed at during 2017 and it comes highly recommended by my standards.

But please take note, my accommodation standards are not very high and I base it more on experience and value for money than counting the threads in the linen. But with that in mind, all ‘where to sleep’ places mentioned resulted in a good night’s rest.

And just one more thing: The cover photo used for this post (and photo below) was taken at Mountain Zebra National Park’s new Rock Chalets. I have not stayed in these new units yet but did stay in the Family Cottages (starting form R1150 for 2) during my last visit, and camped (starting from R295 for 2) during another visit. If you fancy a bit of luxury, the 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom Rock Chalets are R3400 for 4 people.

Where to Sleep Mountain Zebra Cradock


Pat Busch Mountain Reserve Africamps

A tent like no other.

Africamps at Pat Busch 16

Location: Close to Roberston.
Price: Starting from R495 per person (low season).
Type of accommodation: Tent (glamping) / can sleep up to 5.
Signal: No, but there is wi-fi.
Things to look forward to: Breakfast baskets (R110 per person) delivered to your door, hiking trails, informative nature walks, fishing and wine-tasting excursions.
For bookings and details: www.patbusch.co.za and www.africamps.com.

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Hluleka Nature Reserve

If you are looking for something off the beaten path, this is it.

Hluleka Nature Reserve

Location: Wild Coast (about 50km north from Coffee Bay via off-road).
Price: Starting at R450 for 2 people (low season).
Type of accommodation: Self-catering / can sleep up to 4.
Signal: Yes.
Things to look forward to: An almost private beach, sea-facing units, zebras grazing in front of your stoep, traditional Xhosa cultural experience and a truly off the beaten path destination.
For bookings and details: www.visiteasterncape.co.za.

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Nyathi Camp Addo Elephant National Park

Spoil yourself with affordable luxury.

Nyathi Rest Camp

Location: Addo Elephant National Park
Price: R1930 for 2 people.
Take note: Before you say, ‘stop die lorrie’, this is expensive – just keep in mind that these units offer privacy, your own private pool, self-catering facilities and the option to do your own game drive through Addo Elephant National Park.
Type of accommodation: Self-catering /2-sleeper units, 4-sleeper and 6-sleeper units.
Signal: No.
Things to look forward to: A splash pool, game viewing from your deck and the nearby Addo main camp for game drives, picnics and other activities. The Addo-region also offers numerous adventure activities such as sandboarding and ziplining.
For bookings and details: www.sanparks.org.

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Duke of Bedford Inn

A green heart hotel.

Duke of Bedford Inn 1

Location: Bedford
Price: Rates start at R600 for single and R900 for double rooms. The traditional rooms are R1000.
Take note: The room in the picture was the suite which comes with a small kitchenette. The interior of standard rooms are not as pictured.
Type of accommodation: Hotel / 1-3 sleeper rooms.
Signal: Yes.
Things to look forward to: Explore the Chef’s garden, the Hope Street shops (part of hotel’s courtyard), dine at the Apprentice Deli and be inspired by all the gardening and recycling initiatives.
For bookings and details: www.dukeofbedford.co.za.

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Hart Cottage at Glen Avon Farm

A farm stay getaway.


Location: Close to Somerset-East.
Price: R350 per person (for 2 guests).
Type of accommodation: Self-catering / can sleep up to 5.
Signal: No.
Things to look forward to: Beautiful garden and the shade of an oak tree, experience in staying in an 1817 house, various hiking trails, an old mill, fly fishing and a massive waterfall. The working farm is a short drive from Somerset-East.
For bookings and details: www.glenavonfarm.co.za.

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Hendrik se Huisie

In the middle of nowhere.

Where to sleep

Location: Gamkaskloof.
Price: R350 per person.
Type of accommodation: Self-catering / can sleep up to 2.
Signal: No.
Things to look forward to: No cellphone signal or electricity, nature at its best, off-road adventure, interesting history and stories told by Piet Joubert (son of last Klower, Annetjie Joubert).
For bookings and details: www.gamkaskloof.co.za.

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Ann’s Villa

Creepy but beautifully ancient.

Ann's Villa 16

Location: Foot of Zuurberg Pass (northern side).
Price: R275 per person.
Type of accommodation: Self-catering / can sleep up to 6.
Signal: Yes.
Things to look forward to: History, peace and quiet, stargazing and if you have a high-clearance vehicle, Zuurberg Pass.
For bookings and details: www.annsvilla.co.za.

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Two Owls Guesthouse

Fireplace, cosy kitchen and starry nights.

Nieu Bethesda 2017 13

Location: Nieu Bethesda (a short 5 min walk to the centre of the village).
Price: Out of season rates start at R800 for 2 people.
Type of accommodation: Self-catering / can sleep up to 4.
Signal: Yes.
Things to do: The guesthouse is a quick walk from the owl house, art centre, quaint shops, Karoo Lamb, Kitching Fossil Exploration Centre and more.
For bookings and details: www.nieu-bethesda.com.

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Kam’bati River Resort

River, giant trees and incredible sunsets.

Where to sleep Kam'bati

Location: Close to Swellendam.
Price: R165 per person (Cabins and Africamps also available).
Type of accommodation: Camping / 6 per camp site.
Signal: Not the best, but wi-fi available at reception.
Things to do: Peace and quiet of the river (canoes available), swimming pools and putt-putt. (I think this resort can feel quite crowded over the December-period and they don’t have the best layout if you have a river view camp site and want to get to the bathroom. From personal experience I’ll prefer to camp here during the quiet season).
For bookings and details: www.kambati.co.za.


There’s a whole lot of magic in silence.

Hogsback 16

Location: Hogsback
Price: R450 for 2 people.
Type of accommodation: Self-catering / sleep 2 people.
Signal: Yes.
Things to do: The cottage has a very romantic feel to it and you can be based in front of the fireplace whether you want to stay in bed or sit on the couch. Explore the magic of Hogsback, visit the Fairy Garden, go on a hiking trail, 
For bookings and details: They do not have their own website, but click here for reservations.

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What about you? What is on your ‘where to sleep’ list?

Let me know in the comments below about the best accommodation spots you have experienced this year.

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